Pageant Dresses

When you are preparing for your pageant, you don’t want to have to worry about your stunning and gorgeous pageant dress. This is why at MackTak we have made your selection process easy. We offer many designers and collections, all featuring stunning embellishments, fabrics and tailoring. Choose from Terani Pageant, Tony Bowls Pageant, Tarik Ediz, Jovani, Mac Duggal, and more. While you want to stand out at a pageant you also want to appear flawless and show the best versions of you. With some many dresses available today, there is a lot to think about but primarily you must consider what you feel comfortable and confidant walking in. If you feel uncomfortable the judges will be able to tell. Choose a dress that speaks to your personality and makes you feel like a pageant queen so that you can win the crown.

Pageant Silhouettes

Think of your body type and what silhouettes look best on you; this is your chance to put your best foot forward and show off your best assets. Pageants are unlike many other occasions to wear a dress. Every girl is trying her absolute hardest to flawless. To do this you must understand your body’s strengths and what areas you want to keep under wraps. If you have fantastic shoulders, flaunt them with a strapless or one shoulder style. If you do not like your shoulders, cover them with a beautiful illusion bodice. Accentuate your waist with a form fitting bodice or you can just as easily slim it with a ball gown. Show off your back with a low scoop or crisscrossing straps. Also consider what you feel make it easiest to appear at your best. Not only does a side slit show off toned legs but it also gives you a wide range of motion to walk gracefully on the stage while layers of silk chiffon billow around you. Trains can look very high glamour and if you can walk with them that is excellent however not every girl has this ability. Mermaid skirts are also a fantastic way to give you room to move without losing a fitted shape.

Pageant Colors and Fabrics

The color and material of your pageant dress also will make an impression on the dress as they both affect the overall look under the bright stage lights. The pageant gowns carried by MackTak are of high quality silks, satins, tulle, chiffon and lace. You can go with classic black, white and muted colors and look stunning like an Old Hollywood movie star or you can grab the judges attention with a bright red, yellow, green, blue or purple. Metallic tones reflect well in any light and can highlight your skin tone. Also consider how overlays and special details affect the look and coloring of your pageant dress.

Pageant Embellishments

The detailing on each pageant dress is unique, coupled with the high quality fabric and your body type, the dress you are wearing is special to you even if someone else has the same one. Special details and embellishments help add uniqueness and intrigue to your pageant dress. Go for large embellishments or tine crystals sprinkling all over. Feathers add a glamorous touch as well. Fine illusion fabric is used as well as other sturdy fabrics so that dense embellishments are well secured and look as though they are on your body. To appear yourself as flawless your dress must also be without imperfection. These dresses are covered in only the best rhinestones, crystals, feathers, beads, gems, and appliques. All the intricate details will be easily seen when you walk and you will want to show them off to the judges.