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Lace Bracelet Sleeve Hi-Lo Dress by Zorani New York 6003


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Dramatic multi-color contrasting Zorani New York 6003 Evening gown features lace bodice beatified by contrasting appliques throughout the upper portion. the bateau neckline extends to bracelet sleeves decorated by same appliques. The waist line is nipped and a contrasting asymmetrical skirt overlay the mini hem to create a Hi-Lo effect


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Look stunning in magical Zorani New York 6003 evening gown. The lacy bodice is fitted and decorated ‎by contrasting appliques. A sweetheart lining highlights cleavage curves. The lace bateau neckline ‎extends to braclete length sleeves showing off your bonny wrist textured embroidered applique ‎beautifies sleeves. ‎ A tantalizing skirt with mini length hem peek out from under a glossy fabric over skirt. The skirt ‎completes dramatically with an asymmetrical contrasting skirt. The overlay skirt with playful ensemble ‎drapes from hugged waist to an angular hemline for a decadent layered effect. The design ‎intelligently catches eyes to those elegant legs, which act as a perfect distraction. The overall ‎appearance of the silhouette brings together elements of a fashion conscious design for a flattering ‎look. ‎

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Manufacturer N/A
Designers Zorani New York
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