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Alyce Black Label

MackTak suggests that all the women from all around the world should take a look at this stunning collection from Alyce Black Label by Alyce Designer.

Each and every dress from the Alyce Black Label collection is a reflection of class, sophistication, sex appeal and luxury. You will always feel the French connection to the style. Alyce Paris was founded in the 1950s by a French immigrant named Alyce; together with her brother she created the empire which is recognized worldwide.

Alyce Designs includes many collections like Alyce BDazzle, Alyce Jean De Lys, Alyce Prom, Homecoming, Alyce Black Label and Alyce Paris by Claudine.

Today, the company is managed by her niece Claudine whose amazing taste and creativity took the company to the whole new level. Alyce Black label is one of the most luxurious lines from the company designed by Claudine.

From the first look at the collection, you can’t really say if it has a certain style to it because all the dresses are so unique and different from one another. Starting from the short cocktail dresses and finished with the most glamorous evening gowns, you will find any type of occasion dress in this collection.

Quality, patterns, silhouettes and embellishments in Alyce Black Label when you want to make a statement with your dress and show off your class, the first thing a stylish woman would look for is the highest quality of a gown, whether it’s a fabric, embroidery, or tailoring.

Alyce Designs is the company you will trust when it comes to all these factors. These designer dresses will make you look like a star walking down the red carpet.

The highest quality fabrics like lustrous silk, lace, chiffon, tulle or satin create an incredible combination when they are embellished with the high quality sparkling stones and shimmering sequins.

As we said earlier, this collection includes many different styles, which is a very convenient factor for a customer because as we know women come in different shapes and sizes and they have different fashion taste.

If you are going to be a posh fashionista or an elegant lady, first thing you should always keep in mind is to get the gown that will flatter your body type. A perfect dress should be so perfectly fitted that it should give an impression that it was custom made especially for you.

Also a perfect dress should emphasize your best body features and help you hide your flaws. One of the most flattering styles is mermaid dresses, which is fitted throughout the bodice and throughout the hips.

This style is perfect to accentuate your curves, even if you are not so curvaceous, a perfect fitted mermaid dress will give the illusion of curves for you. Alyce Black Label is full of amazingly fitter mermaid dresses. These styles are enriched with the unique embroidery on the bodice or the bust line.

Styles are presented either strapless or one shoulder or even featuring a vintage style sheer lace overlay on the bodice for a Hollywood glamour effect. To make the dress stand out even more, the designer adds either layered ruffles or tulle to the skirt.

These flowing silhouettes offer endless elegance and sophistication. If you are confident about your body, the mermaid dress is for you. There are many women that feel self-conscious in this type of dress and therefore, try to avoid the style.

For those women, Alyce Black Label offers many other choices like more loose fitter gowns, either cut on the waistline featuring a full-length skirt, or a ball gown style.

Cocktail time well spent in style

If you are looking for a classy and elegant cocktail dress for your event Alyce Black Label has really gorgeous styles for you.

These styles are distinguished from other choices you might have by its delicately created sex appeal by not revealing too much skin and creating an upscale and contemporary look. Short and cocktail dresses in this line are channeling vintage style with lots of shiny lace appliques.

You will find your perfect Little Black Dress here as well.

The good thing about Alyce Black Label short dresses is that they are so glamorous and sophisticated that that can easily be worn as a guest of a wedding dress or at an evening party.

What is your color?

One of the best things about Alyce Designs is that their dresses can be ordered at MackTak.com in many different colors.

Apart from other designers, Alyce Designs offers more color choices to customers.

If you are looking for the darker tones, besides from classic black or chocolate colors, this collection offers you dazzling pewter, teal, royal blue, burgundy or charcoal.

For lighter shades, this collection gives you pearl blue, rose quartz, cobalt. Of course, this line is also full of sexy red and luxurious gold and silver tones. Feel free to indulge yourself in this amazingly tailored and fitted gowns and purchase one today at MackTak.com

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