Have you ever tried to wear a special and unique evening dress for your special occasions? Like this Alma Couture AC1063 Evening Dress, which is a perfect choice for those who are, looking for something surprising, fitted, artistic, and lovely at the same time! This stunning Alma Couture design is based on a caressing smooth solid color fabric having some beautiful revealing spirit, with the main focus of showing off your well-fitted body, specially elaborating on desirable curves and edges, making you as beautiful as you wished for! It features a sleeveless embellished halter neckline with an embraced bodice, containing some revealing area, continuing to the deep open low cut back and the full exposure of the area. This Alma Couture dress is designed with shiny embroidery, which adds a lot to the majestic silhouette of this dress. The dress is falling to the snugged embellished waistline of the dress, hugging the hips, and bringing attention to that area, falling to the gorgeous long skirt. This lovely Alma Couture dress will be an extraordinary design to feel your ultimate beauty in and be the majestic queen of the night. Alma Couture is a sophisticated Spanish brand, containing the most gorgeous styles of the year based on its fabulous unique simplicity and skills. These 2019 fashionable collection includes high-quality fabrics with heart-colors and textures, various styles from revealing to classic covered ones, having glittering tantalizing embellishments, delicate embroidery, detailed patterns, which will put you shining at the center of attention, feeling all perfect and magnificent. Alma Couture celebrates women true beauty, highlights physical perfection, extending the real meaning of beauty in the fashion world. You could dress as your dream girl in this glorious collection. Own the night wearing these fascinating designs. If you have a thinner and taller posture this is our offer to you. You would feel confident, comfortable, and complete in this glorious MackTak Evening Dress.


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