Make a bold entrance in this amazingly designed Rachel Allan 6473 two-piece Prom dress. This prom dress is the number one option for those who prefer an exaggerated yet artistic and stunning look, which hardly can be seen anywhere. This prom dress solely belongs to you, and everyone will admire your fashionable taste in clothing. This Rachel Allan Prom dress is based on a smooth caressing high quality two different fabrics, one is solid color, and the other enjoys floral print patterns, having embellished design, embracing your upper body in the best way possible, trying to put you in the best version of yourself, shining at the center of attention. The prom dress of Rachel Allan features a one-shoulder open neckline bodice with a great view of your upper body specially the neck, collarbone, shoulders having embellished hem, and arms portion, continuing to the deep open low cut back of it, expressing the beauty of the back area, attached to the artful snugged embellished waistline, containing the hips naturally, exaggerating the beauty of the part, falling down to a puffy layered floral print long skirt, enjoying a long ruffling designed. This stunning Rachel Allan design will make you the beautiful angel of the night. Check out all the other fabulous prom dresses of this new MackTak Prom Dress collection, you would find them in line with your fashion demands, and satisfying in so many levels. The category of the reasonable prices, desired colors, and artful designs will stuck in your mind forever. Rachel Allan as a well-known and worldwide brand released this unbelievably beautiful and sophisticated prom collection, which is filled and decorated with unbelievable, incredible, and trendy styles having variety of colors, designs, fabrics and silhouettes, to value the pure meaning of beauty and with ultimate purpose of labeling you by the name of Princess. Enjoy the sophisticated look all night long! MackTak best seller collection is whatever you may need for a great shopping experience.


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