Glory and beauty are all yours in this magnetic new designed Edward Arsouni SS0371 Evening Dress. This lovely dress offers a gorgeous silhouette for ladies with wider shoulders, and those who enjoy a bit of nudity to show off their physical glam. It is based on a smooth floral embellished glittering shaped lace fabric having golden style creating a glorious royal look for you to feel proud of. The delicate and artistic tailoring of the Edward Arsouni evening dress features a ruffled short sleeve open neckline bodice, embracing the upper body in the best way possible, viewing a great deal of the bust area, elaborating all the curves, and edge, continuing to the back with revealing spirit of the portion ending in an exaggerated long style. This Edward Arsouni new designed is going to elaborate on your flawless body in detail by the help of its circular hugging designed waist portion. The snugged waistline of the Edward Arsouni dress contains the hips, elaborates on every desirable curve, and edges, falling down to patched mermaid long skirt with floor length train. This Evening Dress make you feel complete. Edward Arsouni is an Italo-Lebanese fashion designer. Arsouni’s creations inspire the oriental woman; from modern to traditional and fashionable to classic. Arsouni’s couture is personalized so that each and every woman can find herself in Edward Arsouni Couture. Edward Arsouni’s mission is to dazzle and portray the femininity and curves of women wearing Arsouni Couture. Arsouni believes that women are special and unique and should be dressed accordingly. Edward Arsouni sees the world from this angle: Speed, unpredictable, surprising, and yet so full of beauty. His vision is to live in a world where Woman in all her aspects and mysterious charm keep dazzling. All Edward Arsouni creations are embroidered, sewed, and hand made. Their outfits are personalized according to your appeal. Praise your beauty and enjoy your precious time in dreamy MackTak Evening Dresses


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