Make a bold entrance in this sophisticated new designed Alyce 60438 prom dress, for it is one of the best designs of the collection. You will experience the most memorable moments of your life wearing this glamorous new designed Alyce 60438 prom dress. This Alyce 60438 prom dress is based on rose print fabric embracing your upper body in the best way possible, adding extra sense of beauty and glamour to the whole silhouette of yours. Alyce 60438 prom dress features strapless sweetheart neckline bodice with great view of the upper body, specially the neck and collarbone portion, continuing to the deep open low cut back with full exposure of the back portion decorated with criss cross banded style, showing off your soft skin, and shoulders, attached to a snugged waistline. This part is containing the hips, bringing all the attention and beauty to the whole dress. This Alyce 60438 prom dress falls down to a freely designed cascading long skirt having floor length train, and comfy hem. The stylish design, the fabulous tailoring, and the sketches along with coloring make this Alyce 60438 dress a perfect choice for you special occasions. Alyce 60438 prom dress is your chance for being beautiful.


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