Designer Rocío Ruiz has always been fascinated by the depths of the sea and their unexplored beauty, and she was inspired to capture that beauty in Oceans, the new collection from Carla Ruiz.

With the open sea as her bottomless source of inspiration, Rocío Ruiz has created a collection in which evanescent silhouettes sculpted with gauze, brocade, and organza coexist with other, more emphatic outlines of draped silk, feather-splashed lace, and richly embroidered paillettes that evoke the magic of the oceans. The overlapping of different fabrics creates plays of texture and discreet transparencies that simulate the gliding of fish through water. A symphony of colors begins with the subtle crystal of the sea, shifting through corals, mauves, and greens into a burst of blues that echoes the tonalities of the ocean and leads us into its mysterious depths.

A blade quivers in the air, searching and feeling. A glove-wrapped hand guides it firmly. It explores, moves forward and retreats in calculated fashion. These are moments of complete lucidity, and all the energy is concentrated in one point. At stake are two desires, both on an identical plane. They seek and evade one other in a highly delicate dance of opposing parties: light but forceful steps, different but harmonious rhythms, individual strategies with a common purpose. This is much more than an encounter; it is a definitive crossing of paths, moments frozen in time. Then, the balance is broken. A blade finds its way, driven from the hilt, to its opponent and… TOUCHÉ! Both hearts reach their destination. Isabel Zapardiez found inspiration in the art of fencing and the symbolic world it evokes to create a sophisticated and mysterious collection with great aesthetic richness. Her 2019 brides have a magical quality; they are unique and forcefully wield their differentiation while still being subtle.

Established in 2002, Julia Kontogruni Luxury Design House offers exquisite cut and fit, quality workmanship and great emphasis on detail.
Our unique wedding and evening dresses are handcrafted from high quality natural materials.
Julia Kontogruni brand will dress you in high style. Special fully boned corsets, elaborately embellished with hand-beaded Swarovski crystals and pearls, give your body a perfect fit. The shine of Austrian crystals turns gowns into jewels.

From 2007-2012 Randy worked as Fashion Director at New Yorks Kleinfeld Bridal Salon where he would consult with nearly 15,000 brides a year. Today as the star of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Big Bliss”, “Randy Knows Best”, and “Randy to the Rescue”, Randy is seen by millions of viewers each week. On Randy to the Rescue, Fenoli travels the country with a semi truck filled with wedding gowns and accessories helping brides find their dream wedding dress at his ultimate pop up bridal salon. Randy selects three lucky brides who have said Yes to their dress and then, with the help of a hairstylist and makeup artist, transforms these brides from head to hem and presents each with a bridal blueprint for her wedding day. With a philosophy that no matter what her size, age or shape, EVERY woman is beautiful, Randy seems able to overcome any challenge.


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