Stunning look will be yours in this royal design! This amazingly designed Omur Ozer 19126 Evening dress will praise your sophisticated beauty by its flawless tailoring, the quality of its embellished fabric, and the skills behind its design. This lovely evening dress is one of the best sellers on this Omur Ozer collection, for the design makes it possible for you to wear at the different sets of occasion, from the formal one to the friendly situations. This gorgeous evening dress is a special offer for ladies with modest and simple taste in fashion, for the delicate tailoring of the dress shapes a lovely silhouette based on a shiny ruffled asymmetric layered fabric, trying to make your beauty doubled. The Omur Ozer evening dress you are looking at features strapless, straight neckline bodice having open style with great view of your upper body specially the bust portion, continuing to the open back of the dress, showing of your shiny soft skin, going to the snugged shiny waistline, embracing the hips, highlighting the delightful curves, and edges, ending in a long layered skirt. This Omur Ozer Evening dress offers a desirable look the beautiful ladies to celebrate their beauty in the most artistic, and wanted way. The flawless accessory a woman can add to her look is her confidence. Omur Ozer started a new chapter and reaching out to global with the fresh designs. Omur Ozer and the passionate team are sewing to build up woman’s confidence. Omur Ozer collection is the epitome of the most exquisite handcraft. An elegance so unique; pure yet graceful. It is created to impress. Graceful patterns and exclusive fabrics are dancing in harmony with the feminine figure. An Omur Ozer design is like a silent and gracious traveler of the sea at night; glimmering to brighten up the faces of viewers at the seashore. This special offer of MackTak Evening Dress imposes a memorable look.


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