Naomi Watts, the popular English actress shines at the red carpet of Venice Film Festival, wearing an exaggerated lovely new designed gown by Valentino. The phenomenal look was based on a divine, smooth, and caressing tulle fabric, designed with colorful and delicate embroidery creating the most fashionable ceremony look for the 75th Venice Film Festival. To elaborate more the dress stars with sleeveless pleated strutted designed shoulders, having a deep geometrical shaped neckline, with full exposure of her cleavage, bust, and neck portion, creating the most fascinating style. The rest of the bodice is designed with butterfly sketches of colorful sequins, stones, and glittering adornments, overlapping each other in some part, making a gorgeous, mesmerizing and flawless butterfly pattern, adding an artistic, brand new, and chic spirit to the whole design. From the midriff portion, there are some tiny and intricate pleats, creating a theatrical vibe, with its hugging tailoring, falls amazingly down to a ruffling, cascading, smooth, natural, and dreamy long skirt with layers and floor length hem.

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