Alyce is a rich and full collection of dreamy and dazzling dresses tailored brilliantly only to make women all around the world feel feminine, beautiful, and chic. There are many collections within Alyce ‎Designs such as Alyce Prom, Alyce Cocktail, Alyce Paris, Alyce Black Label, Alyce ‎by Claudine and Alyce Jean De Lys. There is a dress from Alyce Designs for any ‎occasion whether you are attending prom, homecoming, a cocktail party, or are ‎the mother of the bride. You could also wear a ‎Alyce Designs dress and steal the crown at your next pageant. Alyce design ‎dresses are filled with flattering silhouettes and luxe, glam embellishments. Alyce ‎Designs has won the award for “Distinguished Excellence” in special occasion, ‎prom and bridal gowns as well as other countless awards due to the brands ‎emphasize on design and tailoring. Whether you are choosing an evening dress, ‎cocktail dress or mother of the bride dress, there are endless opportunities for style ‎and silhouette from Alyce designs. Alyce new S19 collection is an amazing gategory of luxe chiffon, lace, tulle, jersey, and satin fabrics styles in so many choices of two-pieces, majestic designs, simple silhouettes, all in best techniques of tailoring, and most of them are decorated and embellished with glittering pieces, sequins, hand-made embroidery, and crystal adornments. The Alyce new collection carries many best sellers designs, which everybody were waiting for. Each collection is filled with ‎a variety of silhouettes from sheath to mermaid to ball gown. Asymmetric skirts are ‎enhanced with ruffles and halter straps are embellished and necklines are ‎trimmed. Chiffon layers create volume and an airy feel to ball gowns while lace ‎overlays create feminine romance. Alyce Designs dresses come in ‎a wide variety of colors for each style. While some styles only come in classic ‎black, red, or white, other dresses come in bright and eye catching raspberry, hot ‎pink, turquoise, emerald and lemon yellow. Regardless of what color looks good with your skin tone, hair color, and eye ‎color, you are sure to find it in a collection of Alyce Designs. is always looking for the best looks, representing them to its lovely costumers all around the globe. This collection will take you by surprise. Stay Tuned for the news.


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