macktak about us

MackTak was founded in 2010 in New York City by Mack Tehrani. The growth of the company has been so spectacular that it is now the largest global retailer for evening, prom and cocktail dresses. We carry more than sixty designer brands and our own private label. We also provide shipping worldwide! At MackTak, we pride ourselves on constantly improving and we strive to exceed the expectations of our fashion forward customers.

The story of MackTak started back in 2006. At that time, Mack Tehrani and childhood friend Ali Dowlaty attended college in Budapest and started their own band. To promote the band, Mack and Ali launched a T-shirt collection under the MackTak brand. The logo printed on each handmade shirt represented Good Deeds, Good Thoughts, and Good Words, which are still ideas the company stand by. MackTak sold over 3000 shirts to friends, college students, and fans within the first two months and 100% of the profit went to charity. Inspired by the sales and the positive impact he made, Mack wanted to tap into his acute business sense and take his business to the next level – to become a world renowned brand.

Four years later, forward looking Mack moved to the fashion hub NYC where he started He decided to expand the business and branch out into retailing dresses from major designers. Today, MackTak has experienced great success; it has been featured in magazines, and is becoming increasingly popular.