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About MackTak:

Flourished by the comprehensive worldwide trust, "MackTak" is the greatest fashion-trending center of illustrious costume couturing. It has been rooted in the heart of New York City, matured by genius idea of Mack Terani, and yield success in the talented hand of celebrated designers. Owning the most professional collection of homecoming, cocktail gowns, evening and prom dresses, MackTak is honored to be the loyal representer of its business in online shopping for almost a decade in wide global scales. The largest retailer for prom dresses and evening dresses, MackTak, is constructed by elegant outlines, made from high-quality fabrics, tailored with extreme attention to details and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers with glamourous techniques. Its well-known private label, MackTak collection, is an exclusive category of dreamy evening dresses collected by ultimate care about beauty, discovered on the latest women's fashion and new season trends, tailored, and embellished entirely by hand which make these sophisticated designs desirable and timelessly mesmerizing! These evening dresses are made for customer's body stance, and tailored specially for reflecting their splendid beauty. Always full of surprises, the good news is our hottest collection of 2023 prom dresses is loading! These new 2022 prom dresses celebrate the true nature of beauty, highlighted by an amazing deep vision toward tailoring and designing to concur fashion's territory by being an excellent embodiment of trust, creativity, and novelty. These spectacular prom dresses make you speechless, for the hand-made patterns, the delicate skills in tailoring, the caressing fabric, and overloading of impressive colors. Through these years, our motto was "to believe that every lady is beautiful in her own style", well, we put your need, your taste and your desire at first to produce a garment, which says much about who you are. Our extraordinary evening dresses not only will expose your perfect silhouette but also they multiply it in so many levels. The rich and wide variety of cocktail dresses, mother of the bride, wedding gowns, and other selected designs, make it easy to choose. You would find your unique style in the minimum time possible. For sure, MackTak is a choice you will be always prized for. The online engine of MackTak is in touch twenty-four hours a day, available, easy to contact, and order. The moods of selections and categories containing sub-categories with detailed descriptions for every single dresses and designers only appear in MackTak.com. The global shipping features, reasonable prices, flexibility and support are exclusively accomplished by our Internet activity. MackTak's vivid graphic illustrations and informative descriptions about every designs would definitely took care of all of your demands. Our name is guaranteed and confirmed by your sole trust and attention. We are proud of you! All of our efforts have been answered for you made our way to your heart at your memorable moments. You are precious to us; you deserve the best in the world; that is the thing, which MackTak will not forget ever. Wear beautiful, feel beautiful.

MackTak Factory and Atelier:

After so many successfull years of working with talented US and International designers MackTak started to produce its own styles and has its own factory and atelier. We create our own styles from scratch, meaning from drawing sketches all the way to cutting and sewing.