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Dear MackTak Team,

I am extremely happy that I found you. I will always shop on your web site. I appreciate your warm and helpful customer service team. You made my day by getting the dress for me last minute.

I will always recommend to my girlfriends your web site.

Thank you


New York



 Hi Sophie,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the dress today and I have to say it really exceeded all my expectation. I do have couple Jovani dresses but this one was beyond anything I’ve seen by them. I love the shiny stones, I was afraid they would look cheap but vice versa they are eye catching. My husband loves the dress as well. We are very thankful Sophie, for all your help. I hope the second dress will be as impressive as this one was. Can’t wait to get it.

Thank you Sophie, I’ll talk to you later






Thanks to MackTak for my dress. I am very happy with my choice and with the fast shipping you provided to United Kingdom. Really very impressive.

I will be contacting you again for my next event.

Special thanks to Jessica for assistance.





As an experienced online shopper I have to say you guys really impressed me. With service with fast shipping, with everything and Ah, my daughter is so happy, she loves her dress so much, she can not wait to wear it on her sweet 16 party.

I will be ordering mine in a few days, now that I am convinced in your professionalism and service.


Jennifer Richardson



Hey Chloe,

Hope you are doing well. I got your email, sorry for responding late and thank you for best wishes. My wedding was everything and beyond I was expecting. I know it's been a long process planning and shopping but it was so worth it. I am so happy with everything. My reception Dress was a hit, everyone loved and thank you for recommending it to me. Tarik Ediz really does stand out. And to see my beautiful bridesmaids in those lavender color dresses was amazing, I almost cried, they are my girls.

Thank you again Chloe and I promise I will be ordering again from you soon J





Dear MackTak,

I want to thank you for shipping my dress on time to Saudi Arabia. It came so fast I was surprised. Other websites also promise fast shipping but dresses always come late. I was talking to Stephanie in online chat when I ordered the dress and she was very helpful. My sister also ordered one dress yesterday and she is excited to get is also very fast.

Thank you MakcTak and we will be ordering form you again,

Fatimah and Heba



Hey Nicole,

I placed an order for that dress this morning. Thank you so much for checking stock for me and helping me through the process. I already got my confirmation email and I will be waiting for the tracking number. Like you said I should be receiving the dress next week. I am so excited.

Thanks again






Dear Patricia,

I was so happy today when I opened the box from MackTak and saw my gorgeous dress. It was everything I was hoping for and more. The delicate beading is so amazingly done. Tarik Ediz really deserves the recognition it’s getting lately. I hope to do business with you again soon. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I will always recommend you to my friends.

Good luck with your business,






I want to express my happiness and my gratitude towards MackTak. I will not lie I was at first a little hesitant about this company. Everyone will understand that it is hard to trust online companies. But MackTak exceeded my expectations and I was surprisingly please and I am not talking from one time shopping experience, I already have bought three dresses for my different type of events and every time they did their job perfectly. I am hooked to this company and I will definatley be buying more from them.

Thank you from Hanna




Me and my husband live a very social life and I can easily say I am constantly looking for new arrivals in woman’s evening dresses. I’ve purchased from so many American online companies, I am from Dubai and unfortunately we do not have that much choice here. I like Jovani and Terani Dresses. My sister told me about MackTak about 2 months ago and I decided to try buying from them. I was so happy from the very first day I spoke with their customer service representative in online chat, Stephanie. She was very nice and she helped me a lot. I received the dress very soon after ordering and they also sent me free gift with my gown. I already love

Thank you from Zahra





Thank you to and it’s amazing customer team. I had a last minute emergency with my dress. I have ordered from another web site and they were late with my order so I had to act fast. My girlfriend told me about MackTak. She said she had bought couple of gowns from them including her daughter’s prom dress, so I contacted your company and your customer service did wonders. My dress was delivered to me in two days, just on time for my event. Thank you and I wish your company lots of success.

Alice from Chicago




I highly recommend every woman to buy there dresses at I’ve had such a horrible experience with some other very popular companies that I was almost hopeless to get a decent dress for my daughter’s wedding. We had to spend so much time and energy on her bridal gown and other details that I was helping with that my dress should not have been such a huge dilemma for me, especially in New York, where you can get anything you want. But unfortunately I was not lucky with my dress. My daughter then found out about MackTak from her friends and we decided to call them. The girl on the phone was very nice and understanding of my situation. She immediately gave me several suggestions that were available for shipping right away. I fell in love with one Terani dress, they did not have my size in their warehouse so they ordered it for me and I was extremely happy with their assistance and fast shipping. Everyone loved my dress at the wedding and I plan to order again from them for my next event.


Judy from New York





My prom was one of the best days in my life and thanks to I was wearing one of the most fabulous and beautiful dresses. I bought Jovani 158908 Dress in Aqua color. It really had a wow effect that I was aiming for, my boyfriend lost words when he saw me in that dress. I had the best time on my prom and by dress definitely put me one the best mood for my party. I am now searching for a nice sexy and elegant dress for my sister’s wedding party in California. I have couple of options already and the girls at MackTak customer service are helping me so much to make a final choice. I recommend this site to everyone.     


Jamie from Ohio



I bought my engagement party and my wedding dress at I wore Terani Y230 Dress in Turquoise color for my engagement party and I wore Jovani 72635 Ivory/Nude Dress for my wedding. It was amazing; both dresses were delivered to me on time. I did not even need any alterations. Dresses fitted just perfectly, because thanks to Sophie at customer service I chose the right size for me. Thank you MackTak for making my life so much easier during this stressful time, which was my wedding planning.

Julia from UK



Online shopping usually is not the first choice for me, I personally love to go to the department stores and try on some dresses before I decide on what to get. However recently I had an experience when I saw one dress at popular department store and unfortunately they only had very small sizes, so I went online. was the company that had the dress available in my size, however I am between two sizes so it was really nerve wracking for me to pick one because online policies are different, you cannot return for a money back, but in spite f all this I really appreciate MackTak’s transparency in the business, no hidden rules, they offered me an exchange in case the dress was not a good fit for me, which was the case in the end. My exchange was processed surprisingly fast and my experience of online shopping very satisfactory.

Pam from New Jersey




I bought my daughter’s sweet 16 dresses at last month. She is a very picky girl with a very distinctive fashion sense and it was getting really hard for us to find a dress that she would love. Finally she saw one dress online and had it available in her size and color. She was super excited to get that dress for her party. She later told me that her look was talked about and discussed in school for quite some time after the party. I was happy to make my daughter’s birthday party dreams come true and to make her happy.

Teresa from Texas





My name is Natasha and I am from Russia. I love; it is my favorite web site. I buy many dresses from them. They always give me good deals and send me presents, once I got free shoes with my dress. I am happy to find MackTak and I wish them success and good luck.

Natasha from Moscow





I have to say saved my life, I had ordered a prom dress from them a month prior to my prom, it was a pre order and I received it two weeks before the prom. I loved the dress but it was too small for me, I called MackTak to exchange but unfortunately bigger size was not available. I was desperate; I had my eyes on that dress for a long time. Olivia from customer service told me she would find something similar and really after only one day she called me and suggested a different designer dress that looked exactly the same as mine, I was pleasantly surprised. Because their web site contains so many dresses I guess I would never find this similar dress by myself. So I ended up exchanging the dress, with no complication. I went to my Prom happy as if nothing ever happened. I had the best time. Thanks to MackTak and special thank you to Olivia.

Christina M.




My husband decided to give me our 4th year anniversary present and he called one of my favorite online stores to get me a dress, he already knew my size so he ordered one. When he gave it to me of course I loved it but little did he know that different designers have different sizing so the dress appeared too small for me. He felt so bad; he wanted the gift to be special. It was however I had to exchange the size, which is always very easy with your company. Natalie from customer service helped me through the exchange and the gorgeous dress is now in my hands, and we, me and my husband are very pleased and satisfied with your dedication to make the customers happy.

Thank you Natalie and Thank you MackTak

Jane K.




I live in Egypt and I always buy my evening dresses from American web sites, I love their gowns and I like the prices as well. I love because they always the best sale. Most of my dresses I have bought from them in a very good price and shipping is not very expensive as well. I will recommend this web site to everyone.

Thank you

Renen from Egypt




My name is Zahra and I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I wanted to buy a dress for my sister’s wedding. After long time spending on the internet I found, they have such a beautiful selection of dress. My mother also wanted one dress so we emailed MackTak customer service to ask couple of question. After that we used to chat with them in online chat. They have been very helpful. We both bough the dresses my mother bought Tadashi dress and I bought a Jovani dress. I liked my experience at and I will buy again soon.

Zahra from Saudi Arabia




I live in California and I was going to attend a very hot party at a famous club in LA, hosed by celebrities. So I wanted to buy something special that would have been sexy for a club but not tacky or trashy. I have seen Holt Miami dresses on couple of celebrities before and I always liked them. So I started my research and found; I had no idea that the appliques and embellishments on Holt dresses were hand maid, pained decorations I was so surprised and it made me want to buy one so much more. So I ended up getting Holt Meital dress in Coral color. My girlfriends loved the dress it looked so unique, nothing I’ve ever worn before. I love my dress, it was a huge hit and I had the best time ever.


Ariana from CA




Last month we were invited to our family friend’s Bar Mitzvah. I bought a Mac Duggal dress for my daughter at which was a last minute decision but luckily a good one. I always try to buy my dresses in the department stores but my daughter had a very hard time choosing one, she only liked the ones that were for online order. I am happy with my purchase and I am glad I did not have to regret. My sister recommended this web site and they really were very nice and delivered the dress on time. My daughter was very happy and she looked amazing.




My sister’s engagement party was a going to be a very big celebration. I wanted to wear something special because I am a housewife and I don’t get to attend so many social events as I used to couple of years ago. My sister always shops at; she even bought her engagements Traik Ediz Dress there. So I trusted her judgment and experience and I ordered my Aidan Mattox dress at MackTak. I am so happy with my choice, I loved the dress and it is something that I can wear on many different occasions, just the way I like it, classy and elegant and not too flashy. Their customer service was really helpful with the size and shipping. I want to thank MackTak to make me happy with my purchase.

Nicole from South Carolina




I’ve found out about through my coworker, she had bought several cocktail dresses on this web site; I always loved her style and kept asking her where she was getting those cute and classy dresses. She was always excited to talk about MackTak and their amazing sales and good deals. Last week I decided to order from them a dress for my very important business trip to Europe. I got two Nue By Shani short dresses. I love these dresses, I received them in two days, the quality is amazing and fits so perfectly. And the dresses were on sale in such a good price for me, that’s why I got two of them. I will always buy my dresses on this web site.

Lori from New York




My name is Susan and I live in Quebec, Canada. I like to buy my evening dresses in New York, I do have to go there a lot, but sometimes it happens that I have an event to attend and I need a new dress in just couple of days and I don’t have time to drop everything and fly to NY. In such cases New York online companies are a huge help for me, one of my favorites is; they have very detailed descriptions of the dresses that is always very helpful and I already know how my favorite designer dresses fit me; so I just call them and order the dress, their customer service is always helpful in checking the availability for me and their delivery is always super-fast. I wish success to MackTak and I look forward to get more fabulous gowns and good deals with them.





I love; it’s one of the best online shopping web sites that I’ve ever ordered from and I really buy a lot from American companies. I live in Russia and even though you can get pretty much in here as well, I think I am getting better deals from US web sites ad plus I am sure that they are original dresses, because MackTak is official retailer of the designers in New York. They always have amazing gowns on sale and their customer service is wonderful. Thank you MackTak for exciting and making my and other women’s loves easier.

Elena from Russia




I had a birthday party last month and I was looking for a short party dress, I know there seem to be a lot out there but it got really hard to find the style I wanted. I found MackTak.comthrough Google. I was very surprised by their prices; they had so many beautiful dresses on sale. I got Alyce 4235 Dress. It looked so pretty on me; everyone loved it and kept complementing me and asking me where I got it. I will always buy from MackTak and I will always recommend it to everyone.

Debbie, Ohio




Hi Olivia, I wanted to let you know that I received my dress yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. You are amazing; your advice really was very helpful about the size. I am happy I did not order size 8 because this one fits me like a glove. I can’t wait to wear it on my brother’s wedding. Thank you Olivia again so much and I will talk to you later.





My name is Amanda; I live in LA, California. Couple of weeks ago my best friend got two invitations to a very posh party where a lot of celebrities were expected to be. I was so excited and so nervous because I wanted to look my best. We decided to order dresses from; we found this web site on Jovani’s page as their official retailers in New York. Their service was amazing, shipping was very fast and the dresses were over the top fabulous, including quality and the price. We had free shipping which was very nice. We had the best time at the party. MackTak is a great example of how any online shopping company should work.

Thank you





I shop online quite often and I really understand how important and helpful reviews can be. I myself always read them before I buy any product. People can write some details and answer some of your questions that you cannot get anywhere else. My rule is that I never write a review about a company from one one time experience because I think that everyone can get it right one time. I have bought dresses from MackTak for 4 times already for me and my daughter. I have to say this company is one of the best ones out there. They have an exceptional customer team and their prices are great not to mention free shipping. I recommend everyone to try this web site. I am positive nobody will be disappointed.

Helen from PA



I bought Aidan Mattox 054448490 Dress from MackTak, I fell in love this dress as soon as I saw it in the department store, however they did not have my size and I was lucky to find it available at Their customer service was very helpful, especially I want to mention Melanie, she assisted me in determining the correct size for me and she was absolutely right regarding my size. Dress fits perfectly. It is one of the best dresses I have ever worn. I love this designer and I am happy that I found this web site that carries a lot of Aidan Mattox dresses. I will definitely buy from them again.

Sophia from New York




Hello, my name is Catherine and I’m from Ireland. I ordered Tony Bowls Le Gala 113506 Dress from about a month ago. When I received it I did love the gown itself, no complains about the quality or the cut, but it appeared too small for me. In spite of the international charts designers provide, it’s still little hard to determine your correct size and also I had no idea that different designers run differently. I wish I had spoken with MackTak’s customer service prior to ordering because they have been very helpful, but I still have nothing to complain because they were kind enough to exchange my dress for a bigger size and ship it really fast to me. I only had to pay for shipping, no hidden or restocking fees. They really made this exchange process for me as easy as it could get. I love my dress and I know I will trust this company and will order from them again.

Thank you




Dear MackTak Team I want to thank you for your incredibly helpful assistance. I loved and enjoyed my shopping experience on your amazing web site. My Tarik Ediz dress was a hit at the party. Everyone complemented me and kept asking where I got this gorgeous gown. So hopefully you will have lot more customers by my recommendation.

Elizabeth from Canada




 I bought my prom dress at and I just want to express my gratitude and the happiness and joy the dress brought to me. I bought Blush 9508 Dress in fuchsia color. This sequined dress was one of the eye-catching gowns on my prom. Other girls were definitely giving me jealous looks. I am now planning to buy my homecoming dress from this web site. They have great sales all the time.

Thank you MackTak






Dear Stephanie, I just got my dress couple of hours ago, I tried it on and it looks perfect, I can’t cake my eyes off it. I can imagine how everyone else will react. I will definitely let you know about that as well and will email you pictures like I promised. Thank you Stephanie for your excellent assistance, you were very helpful and I know I’m always calling you whenever I need a dress. Talk to you later.





My name is Hannah and I live in Sidney, Australia. I bought my engagement dress from and I want to thank this web site for its customer service, fast shipping and very helpful assistance. I bought Tony Bowls TS11376 Dress. It was exactly want I wanted and looked exactly the way I had hoped it would. This was my first time to buy this designer dress and my fist time to buy from MackTak; and I am happy my experience was positive which means that I will trust them now and will get more dresses from them.

Thank you





My coworker recommended to me when I was looking for a short cocktail dress for my 5th year marriage anniversary. Me and my husband were going to Miami to spend our anniversary so I wanted something fun and sexy. I loved this web site as soon as I visited it. They have so many options that it was really hard for me to choose; but what I also loved about them is that they have great prices and they offered free shipping. I ended up buying Shail K KK3157 in emerald color. My husband loved the dress and we had a great time. I want to thank MackTak for their service; I will definitely buy from them again.

Cynthia from Atlanta, Georgia



My cousin introduced me to few weeks ago. I loved the dress she wore on her engagement party and I asked her where she got it. She was very pleased with this company, especially with how they treat their customers. So I decided to try and ordered Alyce 6051 Dress in Ice Mint color. I received it couple of days ago and I love it. I am absolutely happy with my choice of the dress and the company. I cannot wait to wear it at the wedding.

Thank you MackTak

Joanna from Miami



My name is Tamika and I live in Bronx, NY. I bought dress from MackTak for my prom. Me and my girlfriend ordered from this web site together. They shipped the dress right away and I received it the next day, which was cool. I loved my dress and I had a great time at prom. I want to thank MackTak for fast service.





I ordered Terani C2058 Cocktail dress for my husband’s work party from I wanted something that would look elegant and sexy and very unique. I absolutely love the quality of the dress, the fabric and the beadings are very high quality and it fits the body just perfectly. I know I made my husband proud that day with my choice because he could not stop complementing me. I will definitely order from this web site again.






We bought Dave and Johnny 7707 Dress in Lime color for my daughter’s sweet 16 party. It was a surprise for her, I knew she wanted that color and I know she wanted to look process like and wear something made of tulle. She was beyond words when the dress arrived and she tried it on. I want to thank MackTak because they made the impossible happen and got the dress or me in her size when no one else could. It was really impressive and it made mine and my daughter’s day.


Alexa from Utah




My name is Hanan and I am from Kuwait. My sister and I always buy dresses from It is one of our favorite web sites. Thy always have huge sales and promotions and what is important they ship very fast. Last time I bought Mack Duggal 80168D Dress and I got it in 5 days. I love MackTak and I will always buy from them.

Thank you,





Hi Melanie,

I wanted to express my gratitude for your help throughout this stressful time for me; I understand that you can never really tell if the size or fit would be perfect for you once you order online but I was really devastated when I got the dress and it was so small for me and did not look good on me at all, and especially with such a short period of time left before the party. Melanie you saved me, your fast and effective service made it all possible that I wore this amazing dress and everyone just loved it. It was the smoothest and easiest exchange process I thing anyone would have experienced. I hope MackTak is really proud of you. Thank you so much and I will 100% buy from you again.






I had a very pleasant experience with; I am from Australia and I often buy my dresses online; I love Tarik Ediz dresses and MackTak is one of the best retailers for this designer, they offer the fastest shipping and its free to Australia. I always recommend everyone this web site, people always complement me in my dresses, and everyone always tells me that I always get the most unique dresses which you cannot find in the department stores. I guess that’s the best complement a woman can get right? Well it’s all thanks to MackTak.





Hi, my name is Jody and I live in New Jersey. Last month I ordered a cocktail dress from one of the popular web sites and unfortunately they messed up my order. I received a completely different dress and when I contacted them it appeared that they were out of stock with the one I ordered. I was desperate; I really needed that dress because I bought my shoes and accessories matching to that one. I looked up on Google for some online companies and I found MackTak. After I was convinced that they are official retailers of the designers they carry I decided to give it a try. I have to say these people at are wonderful. They took my information and told me that they would look for the dress in several warehouses and would get back to me. In only 3 hours I got a call from Melanie saying that they had my dress in stock. I ordered immediately and I had the dress at my door in 2 days. I am very impressed by this company’s professionalism. I had a great experience.

Thank you




Hi, I bought Tarik Ediz 92173 Dress from MackTak for my wedding. I was looking for my wedding gown for moths and my idea was always Grecian Goddess theme. When I saw this Tarik Ediz Dress I was immediately enchanted by its beauty. I knew that it was the one for me. I called MackTak customer service to check if the dress was in stock and luckily for me they had one piece available exactly in my size in their New York warehouse. I received the dress in 4 days in Australia. I am beyond happy with my choice.






My name is Sanaa and I am from Saudi Arabia. I love; I always buy my dresses from them .They have great prices and fast shipping. They also send me free earrings and shoes with my dresses. My last order was for Tony Bowls TBE21361 Dress. I received it in 7 days. I loved my dresses and I will always buy from MackTak.

Thank you





My mom ordered my sweet 16 party dress from MackTak. After months of looking for my dress I decided to go with the Jovani 7474 Dress. I bought mine in Royal/Silver color. I was so nervous before I received the dress because I didn’t know if I would like it, if it would fit me wee; but luckily everything was perfect. I loved my dress and I am thankful for MackTak for their great service.


North Carolina



My boyfriend surprised me with a sexy cocktail dress for my birthday. He got Jovani 73852 Dress. This gift made my so happy that I was beyond words. He knows exactly what my taste is. He got it from and I want to thank their customer service because e he told me they were super helpful with choosing the correct size for me and getting the dress just on time when he needed it. I am very thrilled and I love my dress.



I love MackTak and I love that they have these amazing flash sales; their prices truly do beat any other web site price. They are awesome. I always buy my cute short dresses here. I would recommend everyone to give it a try.






Dear Olivia,

I wanted to let you know that I already had my event and as promised I am letting you know if my dress was a success or not. Well, let me tell you, everyone was shocked; they could not stop complementing me and my boyfriend was beyond words; so yes it was a huge success. Thank you Olivia for helping me in everything; the dress and the evening turned out to be everything I have hoped for. I will email you the pictures like I promised as soon as I will have them from our photographer.

Thank you





Hi Stephanie,

I received my dress yesterday and I love it. I am sorry I might have been a little difficult on you while choosing this gown, but I hope you will understand that it is a big deal for me. I want my engagement party to be just perfect. And it will be, as far as the dress goes, I am super excited and happy I got this one and the size is also just fits like a glove. Thank you for all your patience. I will be sending some photos.






Hi my name is Isabela and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was my first time ordering a dress from and I wanted to express my gratitude to this amazing web site and to let everyone know that they can 100% trust this company. Their customer service team is wonderful and shipping was very fast. I love my Mac Duggal dress and I will be buying from them again in the future.

Good luck everyone,





I love Tadashi Dresses and I am constantly looking either in the stores or online if there is something new from this designer that would be good for me. I love MackTak because they always have a large selection of Tadashi Dresses. I always just email them the styles I like and they respond very quickly letting me know which styles are available. My last purchase was Tadashi 3T1209L Dress. I love all my dresses including this one and I am happy I have found who I can always rely on.


Saudi Arabia