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Once you have selected the dress of your dreams from, it is now time to look for the perfect accessories. Depending on what your gown  or cocktail dress  looks like, your accessories could be simple and understated or glittering and flashy. Think about your personal style and how you want this to translate into your night time appearance. You may only want a few accessories or you may want a lot to jazz up your dress. Do not pick accessories that will overpower your dress or take away from the dresses effect.


For an evening out, you will need a smaller and fancier purse than you use during the day so a little handbag or a clutch may be the way to go. Make sure to select one that can carry all the essentials you will need but isn’t too large that is awkward to carry. Clutches come in many colors and styles from envelope to box to wristlets or a pouch style. These can be in a solid color and in a satin fabric or can be covered in crystals or in metallic leather. If you want a more subtle accessory that all glitter one, choose a clutch with just a stripe of beading or a small detail.


No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. You could choose a strappy pair of metallic sandals or go with a pair of bold pumps. Flashy and radiant shoes will look great with a dress that has little embellishments or go with a plainer pair if your shoes are dripping with sequins. Your heel can be embellished with crystals. Think about how high of a heel you can comfortably walk in. if you can rock sky high stilettos, go for it. However if you are wobbly in high heels go with a lower heel height. Platform pumps make it easier to walk in a heel of high height.Think about if you would like a pair of closed toe shoes or peeptoes. Think about what metallic tone you may be going with, whether you want a silver look or gold. Make sure you pick a shoe that you can strut around your event in confidently. It is better to wear shorter and be able to feel gorgeous than to stumble in heels that are too high for you.


You will look fantastic if your shoes correspond to your jewelry. If you think your dress would look best with gold jewelry perhaps go with gold heels or if silver jewelry is more your thing, silver pumps will look great. You could go with delicate jewelry or throw on a statement necklace or sparkling chandelier earrings. Think about the neckline on your evening gown or cocktail dress. If the neckline is ornate go with earrings instead. You can never go wrong with dazzling rings or a bracelet. Think about the whole look you want to go for and how jewelry can enhance it. You do not want anyone piece of jewelry to distract from your elegant and alluring dress.

Jackets and Shawls

On a chilly night or at cooler event venues you will want a stylish addition to your dress, not a frumpy jacket. A shawl or light jacket may be the perfect accessory for you. These jackets and shawls can also cover your shoulders if you will be at a conservative event. These come in a variety of styles and colorsso that they match your look and so that you can style your cocktail dress or evening  gown in a unique way. When you have the perfect accessories you will feel confident and not have to worry about smaller details. Your smile will be stunning knowing that you look perfect from head to toe.

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