This exquisite new designed Alyce  60394 prom  dress is going to make you the Cinderella of the night. This embraced hugging dress is going to make you the beauty queen of the night, if you have an athletic well-fitted style, well, double this effect, for the modest exquisite design of this Alyce 60394 prom dress is unbelievably beautiful and attractive. The Alyce 60394 prom dress is based on a smooth caressing stretching taffeta fabric having shiny spirit, creating a dazzling vibe for all of your up-coming ceremony. You will be the center of the nigh if you choose to wear this sophisticated dress.

Alyce 60394 prom dress features sleeveless deep plunging V neckline  bodice with sheer illusion style, embracing the upper body with its slim fitted tailoring, attached to the low cut back with spaghetti straps in criss cross order adding a sexy and gorgeous feeling to the design, creating an eye-catching silhouette for that area, containing to the snugged belted waistline. This part of the dress surrounds the hips, highlighting the curves, and edges, creating a fascinating look of that area, falling down to a cascading elaborative long skirt having floor length train, and comfy hem decorated with asymmetric high thigh slit with full exposure of the long legs. To elongate the posture wear your luxurious pair of heels, and to complete the shiny chic style accessorize with silver tone jewelry. Alyce 60394 prom dress is whatever you need to beat everyone at the party. It comes in yellow, olive green, new coral, purple, red, and black color!


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