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Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses are always in fashion and classic for a reason and at MackTak, we want to bring you a wide selection of designers, collections, and styles to choose from. Many women view their little black dress as a versatile dress that can be dressed up or down and can be worn to many occasions. Black is a neutral color and brings out everyone’s skin tone. The black color is also slimming, making every woman look her very best. While many Little Black Dresses have classic lines and simple silhouettes, MackTak invites you to try both chic and more daring looks. Take a look at each and see what suits you the best. With designers like Terani, Tarik Ediz, Scala, VM Collection, Jovani, Tony Bowls, Shail K, Aidan Mattox, and Nue by Shani you cannot go wrong.

The History of the LBD

The first little black dress or LBD is accredited to Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Before this, the color black was only worn in times of mourning. Vogue magazine said this LBD was a necessity for all women because the little black dresses are chic and easy to wear to multiple occasions, calling it “a sort uniform for all women of taste.” Popularity of these little black dresses grew over the next decades with movie stars like of grace and glamour like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Edith Piaf, Catherine Deneuve, and Elizabeth Taylor. These screen starlets’ style range from demure to sexy and your little black dress can too.

Styles of the LBD

While styles of the little black dresses in the past were of very simple silhouettes with little to no embellishments, the updated LBD is individual. While you want to have a dress that can be worn to many occasions you also do not want to blend in with the crowd. Think about what silhouettes look best on you what events you will want to wear the dress to. Since the goal is to wear this dress to a few events you will want to stick with a silhouette that you know will flatter your assets and that will mask your flaws. If you have great shoulders, a one shoulder or strapless look will be divine for you or if you have a tiny waist go for a curve hugging bodice. If you think you will mostly be attending parties why not go with a shorter hemline however if you think you will be at more formal affairs your hemline should be longer. Party dresses look great with embellishments but you may want more subtle sparkle if you will be attending events that crystals and beads may look inappropriate like work related occasions. Memorable embellishments may limit your ability to change up the look however who can resist luxe beading and patterns.

How to Style Your LBD

To change your look up for different events you can change your shoes, your purse or clutch and your accessories. Wearing flats, sandals, and pumps can all change the look and formality of your little black dress. Since you are working off of a mostly or all black canvas the color and material of your shoes can be anything, plain, patent or sparkling each creating a different style. This also applies to jewelry. Have your metals correspond or go for a contrasting look; you can do anything since you are wearing a neutral color. Switch up your hair and jewelry for different events and friends may think that you are wearing an entirely new dress. No matter what your personal style is MackTak has a little black dress for you.

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