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Aida Lorena

Aida Lorena

It is every women's dream to wear a legendary and unforgettable dress for any special occasion of her life. The one that embraces her body, reflects her soul, and embodies all of her beliefs. Women with this attitude toward dressing choose simplest but detailed gowns, to empower their vision, to prove something, and that is they are the most beautiful and special creature on the earth, and a cloth should not be there to judge. Based on this unique angle of thought about beauty, the lovely Aida Lorena Atelier started to work and design. This idea initiates by Aida's bridal gown, which she personally created it. The one she always dreamed about, since she was a little girl, a dress that is ignorant to all the daily modes principles, and become alive from the deepest part of her heart to celebrate her memorable times. This leads her to start her own business as a fashion designer, and by the help of her friend, Lamona Lazer, the company was established under the name of 'Aida Lorena Atelier'. They reached the highest levels of quality and beauty in designing wedding gowns, containing delicate patterned tulle fabric, artistic handmade adornments and embroidery, tantalizing silhouettes based on various styles of bodice, neckline, and skirts, those that imposes an angelic spirit on brides, and make them feel the happiness and beauty underneath their skin. To accomplish more and share the joy of dressing as beautiful as a gorgeous lady should, they decided to extend their business to lines of evening dresses, that speaks to you! Theses evening dresses are absolutely sophisticated and mind-blowingly adorable. Their sketches includes fresh tailoring, mesmerizing sets of embellishments, mixed with minimalism of precious details and bohemian nature at the same time. Evening dresses in this category make you feel close to your untainted nature as a spectacular lady, making you feel high of yourself, and be proud of who you really are! is deeply humbled to welcome this astonishing brand on its collections, and our beautiful customer can now on order online whatever that makes them true to their beauty.

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