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Gemy Beside Couture

Gemy Maalouf knew that fashion is where she belonged since she was a little girl. Her father owned a fabric factory and it was not surprising for little Gemy to inherit an affection and feeling for textile that would soon turn into an amazing talent. Inspired by this fascinating world of colors and materials she decided to make her own way in a world she vowed to sprinkle with freshness and magic. She opened her first atelier in Beirut, Lebanon by 1996, being the first to launch the couture a porter concept in Lebanon by hardworking, determination and relentless passion. She draws her inspiration from the magic of colors and the harmony of textiles to build collections that tell story through every piece. From Beirut she soon landed in the world’s center state of fashion to become the first Lebanese designer to show at the Salon du Prêt à Porter in Paris. Quickly meeting with international acclaim, the Gemy Maalouf line was completed with three other labels: Gemy Maalouf bridal, Gemy le Pret and beside couture by Gemy, the four collections were soon touring the world. Cementing the brand’s reputation as a world class deign house, Gemy Maalouf’s collections are today supplying their tailored pieses to more than 150 high end, multi brand boutiques around the globe, including Asia, the GCC, Europe, Russia and the USA. Whether the bride, the exquisitely luxurious, the formal, or the classy elegant, all women with Gemy Maalouf have one thing in common: a remarkable sensual finesse. Confident, modern, young and sexy they distinguish themselves through a sharp yet feminine style that radiates uniqueness in every detail but goes no extra mile to live an impression. This brand was launched with a purpose to make high end designs available to all women. Featuring an exclusive assortment of high end evening gowns, the collections consist of materials and cuts that richly reflect the refined beauty of the talented designers work, distinguishable by its superior cuts, exquisite detailing and remarkable design. Driven by her passion to cater for every women passion fantasies Gemy Maalouf decided to extend her main line by welcoming second line of evening wear: beside couture by Gemy, with the same feminine and luxurious sprit, the new addition provides the Gemy Maalouf’s spirit, design and style through an accessible line that aims at satisfying various tastes and a larger base of shoppers.

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