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Cristalini was established in 2009 in Bucharest by its Romanian designer known for its elegance and refinement, combines classical elements of timeless beauty with a contemporary edge, and it became very fast one of the top brands of luxury in Romania, with a strong influence in other countries, as well. At a time of repressive consumerism, Cristallini has created a dreamy world of Awe-inspiring fashion, with which women across the globe have fallen in love. Cristallini places grate emphasis on elegance, class, and femininity, but also extravagance. Today the House designs, manufacture, distributes, and retails some of the world’s most luxurious stores. The brand is present among the most well-known high end brands in over 20 points of sale all over the world, Duha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, China, with plans to keep growing. The brand’s signature is the love for the small details that sometimes make the difference, handcrafted embellishments, oversized dramatic trains, 3D flowers, Swarovski crystals, ruffles and feathers. Everything is concealed in a way to empower every woman with self-confidence and style. Every piece of the collection is handcraft in the own atelier. The extravagance lies in the presence of the atelier in the same building as the flagship store. This is the ultimate luxury, creating each piece live on each client. With elegant gowns, refined and sophisticated cocktail dresses, luxurious bridal designs and stylish ready to wear outfits, Cristallini is a brand suited for all ages and tastes. Step into the world of glamour, elegance, femininity and style in Cristallini dresses. Here in MackTak we can help you to enter this world.

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