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Edward Arsouni

Edward Arsouni

Italian-Lebanese designer who began his career in the 90’s alongside some of the iconic and biggest names in the business such as Gianfranco Ferre maison de couture and Anna Ascione maison de couture in Milan, Italy. Not long after, Edward Arsouni found himself returned to Beirut, Lebanon establishing his own line, Edward Arsouni maison du couture in 2002. With the help of a staggering group of well known designers since then Arsouni has participated in over 20 prestigious fashion shows, video productions and his dresses have been worn by celebrities on red carpets. Each and every dress has been carefully and sensationally designed by a group of more than capable designers and have been made with the finest fabric you can ever find. His work represents his brilliant mind and enormous respect for women and their bodies thus any lady who wears Arsouni design dresses will feel different, attractive, esteemed and of course admired. You do not want to miss the opportunity of having a dress from one of the most astounding minds in the industry, because wearing these amazing dresses not only make you shine through all the night and look spectacular but also you will have the feeling of being a well known super star on the red carpet as any woman should feel like this in her life. By taking a look to Arsouni’s various works and designs anyone can understand how innovative the mind behind all this must have been, from the classical and traditional to the modern and up to dated designs, from homecoming to evening dresses his products would satisfy any women taste from teenagers to more mature and elderlies. The colors that are used in the dresses are out of this world, you will not find anything like these and with such variety anywhere else in the fashion business. This astonishing selection gathered here on MackTack will bring style, allure, attraction, glamour and charm for anyone who wears them, let our specialists at MackTack help you to pick up your dream dress of our magnificent and striking gowns and dresses collection from brilliant Edward Arsouni design.

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