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Holt Miami

Holt Miami dresses are sexy and unique. Are you going to a fabulous party or a special event and you want to look really hot and spicy and wear something unique that no one has ever seen before? We have solution for you. There is an amazing new brand on the market and over the last one or two years it’s becoming extremely successful and trendy and MackTak is proud to present it to our valued customers. What makes Holt Miami different from any other party or cocktail dress manufacturer is that these super fun and provocative dresses are distinguishable from even one another and this is because that each and every one of them is an original design created by using silicon puffy paint, a unique process that cannot be left unnoticed. All the styles are individually hand crafted and 100% hand-painted which is a brand new technique to make a woman feel special, exceptionally beautiful and confident. Talented designer Elisea Fenster is the one behind the company, creating original styles for the brand. Dresses are deliberately painted with slight differences from one another to make each style exclusive. Holt Miami Brand is on a fast track of success and is now sold in more than 300 stores worldwide, including fashion capitals and other top trendsetting cities like: New York, Paris, Milano, London, Dubai, Luxemburg, Russia, Las Vegas, Miami, Lebanon, Tokyo Panama, Sidney, Acapulco as well as on MackTak.com

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