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Inmaculada Garcia

Inmaculada Garcia founded her brand in haute-couture and wedding gowns in Barcelona. She made her first steps as a designer at the age of 13 when tailored jackets for her friends, and it was the basis of her learning and where the passion for her job started to grow. Her environment has supported her in realizing her most cherished dream, to become a designer. Her creation are designed for daring and passionate brides who are both dreamers and romantics who love feminine and sensual designs with a touch of class. Inmaculada Garcia’s collections speak for themselves. The finishing touches and accessories are made with great care for detail, evoking a fusion of romance and modernity and that is what stands out in her collections and give the dresses her personal mark. When she creates a new collection, her thoughts create an atmosphere of sensations and emotions that transport her to another place where the protagonist is always the woman. The future brides inspire her and each bride is like a part of her. She has a team of stylists and pattern designers who help her to grow her profession and to design bridal dresses for the woman who knows what she want and seeks original design, without losing the essence of being a bride that is little bit classic, elegant and sensual. Walking on a dream with the fascinating, feminine, and unique dresses from Inmaculada Garcia. She will never stop being excited with the future bride which makes her designs so special and gorgeous. MackTak provides you the most elegant and fabulous dresses from Inmaculada Garcia to accentuate your best assets.

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