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Jiouli brand is a family driven company that was founded back in 1974 and has a history of almost half a century. Traditional tailoring methods combined with the newest bridal fashion trends and passion for handmade creations are the basic tools they use to design their collections that consist of luxurious, flawless haute couture bridal dresses with unrivalled fitting. Inspired primarily by nature and vast Greek tradition they design and create in-house, signature lace motifs, an ode to the singularity of each woman. A fusion of modern with folklore elements that stands out due to the authenticity that is stands for. Obsessed with using only prime materials like authentic crystal Swarovski elements while investing time to small details, they aim at surpassing themselves every day in order to reach their creational zenith. Nevertheless, more than pure artistry, passion, sparkling fabrics and crystal elements, their brand reinterprets bridal fashion through an experiential point of view. In so doing for two generation now, every collection reflects their values and it is a personal statement. A testimony of their legacy. Every Jiouli dresses are handmade which makes them unique. They create elegant bridal dresses full of grace, with impressing lace collages and luxurious trimmings, dresses with aesthetics that define beauty. You will fall for Jiouli wedding dresses perfect for special wedding ceremony and individual bride. MackTak invites you to a journey into the glamorous world of Jiouli alluring bridal dresses with mesmerizing details, created to charm, attract and conquer.

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