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Johnathan “Kayne” Gillaspie was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Johnathan Kayne comes from a large family that consists of five sisters and two brothers. His grandmothers, mothers and sisters take the credit of teaching Johnathan Kayne to listen to them, understand them, love them, respect them, and show him what makes a woman feel beautiful. The females in his family have taught him emotions and that vulnerability is actually strength and not a weakness. At the age of 18, Johnathan Kayne was hired at an eveningwear boutique as a sketch artist/salesperson. Helping clients feel beautiful by helping in choosing the right dress, showed Johnathan Kayne how fulfilling it was to make woman happy. . Soon after Johnathan Kayne was accepted in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, he gained knowledge about designing, draping, illustration, pattern making and sewing. He graduated magna cum laude and received the acclaimed “Critics Choice Award” for eveningwear. After graduation he went back to his hometown and opened his own boutique where he created custom designs for pageant clients, dancers, and country music artists. Johnathan Kaynes goal is to help all women no matter size, shape, race or age to wear his designs and feel more beautiful and empowered. Johnathan Kayne has designed numerous dresses and each is glamorous in its own way. Each dress is made to bring out the beauty woman have kept hidden due to the never-ending responsibilities each individual has. Women are born to be automatically caring, loving, and hardworking. They always put others before themselves so for this very reason, Johnathan Kayne decided to work for the Woman of the world. To help them bring out there beauty by wearing complimenting evening gowns that will make them feel like the most powerful woman at that event. Everyone at the special event will be wondering how you can take care of all your responsibilities and still manage to look amazing. You can choose any dress you want and you will look fabulous but take the next step and by a dress from the best sellers. Johnathan Kaynes designs are all immaculate and captivating but there are some dresses that are absolutely divine. These dresses are from the best sellers list and are the dresses that do not remain in stock for long. Purchase one of the best selling dresses and enchant everyone. Show everyone that no matter what shape, size, race or age you are, you still are beautiful and you are flaunting this beauty by wearing a best seller by Johnathan Kayne, a man and a fashion designer who started his career for the sake of making every woman find their inner beauty and letting these amazing women portray it by wearing one of his fabulous evening gowns.

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