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Kenzel was established in 1998 in fashion to become on the leading companies in the industry. Kenzel relying on a young and professional team filled with imagination and beautiful talents create stunning gowns and bridal dresses. Kenzel began to work in Turkey, and with the vision of its marvelous collections and talented young designers, it went from being a newborn to a well-established fashion brand throughout the world. It goes on meeting with fashion lovers and its top-line points of sale in Europe, middle east, Balkan countries and the US, together with the ones in Turkey. In Kenzel, there is a group of determined designers, who believe in more than women's look, they also deliver sensation. They believe to be irreplaceable one must always be different, so it is incredibly natural that their dress collections have such variety and character and any woman according to her taste and personality can choose a dress which endorses her uniqueness. Looking at the Kenzel collections is a real pleasure for the eyes, it produces unique and exquisite gowns for any occasions, especially by focusing on quality. The combination of quality, brilliant design, fabulous fabrics, and paying attention to all little details can create such eye-catching and valuable pieces of art which are suitable for elegant and self-confident women. Women who want to feel the dress not just on their bodies but also on their souls. Besides its fascinating dresses, Kenzel has good taste in introducing its products and uses gripping terms for the colors of its dresses: “I will stop wearing black when they make a darker color,"" ""Nothing attracts attention like a red dress."" Wearing these well-designed dresses, you can be confident to shine like royalty in any event. MackTak is honored for having this tremendous collection of dresses and can give you the best and most appropriate outfit that fits both your body and character.

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