KNY Knit Suits

KNY is a New York based knit clothing line. KNY is owned by Kourosh Tehrani. Kourosh Tehrani has been working in this business for over 15 years. Kourosh Tehrani is the sole owner of Kourosh Knits and KNY knits. Both lines sell amazing Knit suits, Church Knit suits, Knit gowns, Knit pants, Knit jumpsuits, and Knit vests. All this gorgeous knits are worn by some of the most famous people including Senators, Church Members, and Models etc. Kourosh Knits is the high quality line in which all the knits are loom-made and can also be custom made the way you want. Kourosh knits are magnificent and breathtaking but KNY line is just as great but more affordable. KNY knits are created using high tech machines. The KNY line products are knit, cut, and sewed delicately to give you a luxurious feeling. KNY knits consist of stones, embroidery, lace and pearls. KNY line and Kourosh line are popular worldwide but especially popular for those who want to make a statement using the Church knit suits, Knit suits, Jumpsuits, Knit vests, Knit gowns that can be used at any special event. Many of our customers are part of different organizations, such as church, and they would like a classic knit suit with stones just to grasp the attention of all. This is the best way to have others notice you, by dressing elegantly where everyone will be impatient to hear what you have to say. KNY knit clothing and MackTak have joined to bring to you the best of the best. MackTak is offering not just the KNY knit clothing available to the public but exclusive KNY knits that can only be found here on MackTak. These gorgeous KNY knits have caught MackTak’s attention and we are so eager for you to show it off to all your friends at work, meeting, church, or any other special event. MackTak works hard around the clock to bring to you the best products and styles so you can look fabulous at any event you wish to attend.

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