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La Mode Toujours

La Mode Toujours

When you mix creative art with fashion, and manage them by an undeniable individual talent, the result is surprising and desirable.

At the end of this bittersweet journey, you achieve something that will stand at the top of the list in every characteristics that can be ever named. La Mode Toujours is the exact sample of tailoring creative art, and fashion together by the help of its God-given exclusive talent!

This adorable Romanian clothing brand was founded by the designer Cristina Negru in 2012.

Their evening dress and bridal collections are popular for their authentic sketches and women refer to them as ""combination of reality and imagination!

"" The designs by this popular brand is based on sole talent of handcrafted styles creation, using updated couture procedures, in order to offer the ultimate luxury experience at affordable prices for every beautiful lady around the globe. This evening dresses rise from most feminine ideas, apply to high-quality fabrics, and complete with detailed and elaborated skills and arts to allow women everywhere to dress elegantly and modestly.

The catalog below is a selected line of the newest design of this brand, containing caressing delicate fabric in variety of eye-catching colors, styles based on fresh and unique postures of fashioning trends featuring handmade adornments, which make them an ultimately perfect choice for both your formal and friendly occasions. They celebrate your pure sense of beauty; rely on your glamourous physical impeccability, blazon your flawless personality, and finally they make you feel like a real woman, proud and consistent.

MackTack team praised its precious customers by providing them this dreamy selection of timeless brand La Mode Toujours, which is now available to order online. You made us who we are, and our only concern is to make you be the best version of you, beautiful, as you deserve it to be!

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