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Mac Duggal

When you choose your special occasion gown, no matter what your personal ‎taste and look at fashion is, it is also extremely important to trust the designer of ‎the dress. Today’s fashion market is full of different designers who’ve either ‎established their names or are the newcomers in the industry. Mac Duggal is not ‎really a new comer but this brand is definitely becoming more and more popular ‎each day and is trusted and embraced by lots of women from around the world. ‎It’s incredibly high speed success is not possible to avoid. This luxurious and ‎extravagant brand was established by an Indian born designer Mac Duggal. He ‎posseses an incredible talent to elevate their confidence and inner beauty which is ‎perfectly combined with high quality tailoring, body conscious shapes, ‎embellishments and innovative silhouettes. Mac Duggal Special Occasion dresses ‎line includes Black Red and White Collection, Mac Duggal Couture  Collection, Mac ‎Duggal Twelve Collection and Mac Duggal Royalty Collection. Mac Duggal Pageant ‎line includes Sugar (for little girls) and Pageant Gowns, Prom Dresses Line includes ‎Mac Duggal Prom, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns, Mac Duggal Flash, Cassandra Stone ‎and Mac Duggal Edge Collections; Mac Duggal Plus Size Line includes, Cassandra ‎Stone II and Mac Duggal Fabulous Collections. Each and every collection is unique ‎and has its own detail and characteristics. Mac Duggal dresses have been seen on ‎many different occasions like beauty pageants, award shows, galas and many ‎other red carpet events, as well as on numerous TV appearances and fashion ‎magazines. Mac Duggal gowns are distinguishing themselves from many other ‎designer gowns because of their high tailoring techniques, luxurious fabrics, ‎delicate and exquisite cuts and incredible embroidery. Whether it is a curve ‎hugging mermaid style, sexy and charming cocktail dress or angelic flare empire ‎waistline long gown, you are guaranteed to shine brighter the others. If you want ‎to look like real royalty then Mac Duggal gown would be the destination for you. ‎MackTak is Mac Duggal’s proud official retailer in New York and wishes you happy ‎shopping.‎

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