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Rara Avis

Rara Avis

The poetic Rara Avis new collection is out now! The dresses are designed based on unbelievably beautiful imagination of the designer. One look is enough to make you fall in love with all of them for they are exclusively the beauty box of the company. This dreamy illusive collection blows everyone's mind. Featured by glacier blue tones, glossy satin, softy chiffon, tulle, floral patterns , creamy colors, tile shades, heart connected strapless, V décolleté, window hangers and bow ribbons, spring branches, double decked moods, pearls embroidery, and lots of other brilliant details. Exaggerating this fantastical impression of delicacy Rara Avis design endeavors to expose a line of miraculous outlines. These special  made designs aim to elongate the style with the classy horizontal effect, maneuver on the upper body with embraced bodice with full exposure of neckline and an open back, and focus on the curves and edges by embroidered beaded waist, belt, and tight hips portion. The main target of this collection is to enhance the youthful, fresh and naughty style of yours. The combination of the colors and the way they overlap each other on the texture are fabulously dependent to the wild creative mind of the designer, Rara Avis. The dresses are looking for a noble posture and ambitious sense on the customers. The look on these not only will alter your look from top to bottom but also gives your soul a heavenly sensation which out breaks in your eyes. The girly romantic mysterious spirit of the designs are a steady reason to glory and popularity. Feel the Angelic mood right away.

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