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You cannot have a great dress without starting with a fantastic silhouette. Think of ‎what event you are attending, how formal it will be, and what look you want to ‎achieve. You could be glamorous and dramatic in a one shoulder long sleeve ‎evening dress or be demure and classic in a cap sleeve lace gown. The possibilities ‎are endless with the variety of choices from Saborama. ‎‏ ‏Unique dresses and ‎silhouettes designed by Saborama feature mermaid silhouettes, ruffles, and ‎ruching that are high peaks of this collection, with hourglass figures finding ‎particular highlights. Some dresses have sequins scattered throughout while ‎others are coated and dripping in sequins all over. You could choose a fun ‎neckline with sparkling trim or with a cutout lattice metallic neckline. Shimmering ‎bodices are accented with jewels and crystals. Or go for a unique fabric like ‎illusion sleeves or a chic lace material as an overlay or as a cutout panel. Feathers ‎add a festive and alluring touch to some of the dresses in the Saborama collection. ‎Peplum details are trendy right now as well as polished and refined. Ruffles also ‎add a girly touch that is fun and stunning beautiful. Saborama dresses have ‎embellishments that take their dresses to the next level of opulence and luxury. ‎Many Saborama dresses feature sheer illusion fabric. While this material may ‎seem delicate, it is strong enough to hold sequins, crystals, and beads. Many ‎dresses in Saborama feature luxurious and dense beading. The highest quality of ‎the fabric used in Saborama design will instantly attract your attention, whether it ‎is luxurious silk or breezy chiffon, they are making the finest assortments with ‎details like leather, sequins and lace. Saborama Couture  dresses come in a wide ‎variety of colors to complement the skin tone, hair color, and eye color of every ‎customer. Even richly embellished dresses come in different colors to show you ‎off the best as well as highlight your personality and your style. Dresses come in ‎nude, aqua,fuchsia, gold, purple, royal, silver, white, ice blue, champagne, ‎emerald, and black just to name a few. Enjoy this selection of Saborama Couture ‎dresses from MackTak.‎

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