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Saiid Kobeisy

Saiid Kobeisy

Who is Saiid Kobeisy?

Born in August 1978, Saiid Kobeisy is a talented Haute Couture Lebanese designer who made a remarkable move through the world of business trusting his innate quest for beauty. His very first collection included only nine dresses which brought him fame and publicity. The house of Saiid Kobeisy is based on three collections of haute couture, ready-to-wear, and bridal lines, all are dreamy, ethereal, and exclusively made to boost up the confidence and comfortability.

Why You Have to Try on Saiid Kobeisy Dresses?

Saiid Kobeisy dresses include sets of intricate details, perfect sewing style, and splendid sketches. With cascading silhouettes, dynamic cuts, and elegant handcrafted touches. Kobeisy dresses also have sassy twists to them, like leather corset bodices, ‎ruffled peplum accents, or glossy fabrics mixed with classic bottoms, a wide variety of overlapping colors, neat embroidered and embellished fabrics, having delicately adorned pieces, making unbelievably original looks. It is the Kobeisy’s signature to add a desirable story to every dress.

Kobeisy Evening Dresses

Saiid Evening Dresses serves all the kind of fashion tastes. The Saiid Kobeisy evening dresses are perfect for intimate parties, formal situations, and office gatherings, containing every style, all sizes, and lengths, different sleeves, necklines, having lots of colors, embellishments and satisfying your constant demands.

Couture Dresses

Saiid Kobeisy Couture Dresses are groups of sensational romantic designs building a praiseworthy look for women with special taste in fashion, those who prefer an exaggerated yet natural figure “specially-made” for them. They are more like a grand celebration of flawless styles to create the charm and poetic sensation. They are truly designed, sewed and styled for a woman with a gentle view toward dressing and fashion. 

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