Theia Couture

Every piece of art comes from some kind of inspiration its creator experienced prior to creating this art. The collection is proud to present to its customers is the result of magical inspiration from the ancient Greek mythology. The collection itself is named after the goddess Theia, a titan who gave silver, gold, rubies, emeralds and other precious gems their sparkle and brightness. For that reason, she is also sometimes referred to as the glittering goddess. Everyone will agree it is a perfect way to label the collection as it gives women an idea of what they are about to experience when they look through these amazing dresses.

Where Glamour Meets Chic and Sassy offers you the magnificently eye-catching and fashion forward short dress collection from Theia Couture. These amazingly well fitted dresses are made from fabrics of the finest quality and are enriched with couture embellishments and beadings. Woman of any style will find something for herself in this collection. Here you can dive into a vintage retro style modest dress featuring a boat neckline and a dirndl style skirt. You can also pick a dress with fitted lace bodice with a stitch detail pleated skirt, or a loose fitted floral print dress. You could also go for a more glamorous look with body hugging styles with sparkling embellishments that gives the dress some extra shine and brightness.

Proudly display your extravagant look

Theia Couture presents amazingly luxurious and over-the-top glamorous evening looks in their long dress collection. The assortment trendy and elegant styles give us a wide selection to choose from. From a dress with full length flare skirt and fitted bodice, featuring a small décolletage and a thick satin belt, to a body hugging slimming dress with a carved V neck and beautifully tailored cap sleeves. There are also mermaid style dresses that feature a flowy full length skirt for a dramatic look, or a curve accentuating long gown with three-dimensional petal embellishments all over the dress that perfectly hides any flaws while marking your curves to give you a super feminine look. Look like royalty with the rakish, fitted gown with crossover neckline created from fine silk to give an even more regal look. No matter what kind of an event you will be attending, you are guaranteed that these effortlessly classy dresses will put you at the center of attention.

Glamour though the rainbow of colors

To elevate the luxurious look of these perfectly fitted dresses, the designer got a little help from the magnificent colors showcased in the collection. It seems that this lavish effect was easily achieved by matching classic and upscale designs with fun and flirty colors, such as eye catching raspberry and peacock, romantic orchid and purple or bright yellow colors. Aside from these exquisite solid colors, the collection is also full of different print fabrics such as floral motifs, ombre illusions, watercolor effects completed with shiny embellishments to elevate the luxurious effect.

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Theia dresses are definite must haves for fashionable ladies who indulge themselves in the couture and extravagant designs. This collection perfectly assembles super elegant and trendy styles for any type of event. MackTak is excited to be the official retailer of Theia Couture and to offer this grandiosely rich and fashionable collection to its valued customers. Read more


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