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Homecoming is one of the biggest events for a girl in her school years, even though it takes a second place after Prom, it still has its own characteristics that make it completely different and still just as fun. One of the features that help the two biggest events in the high school year to distance from one another is the style of the clothes worn. To make us understand easier we can just simply say that Homecoming is a little less formal than Prom Dresses are more fun, flirty and comfortable. When shopping for a Homecoming dress you really have to think it through and make a list in your head of your priorities. First of all, your dress has to, of course, be the perfect fit for your body type; the dress has to enhance your beauty by hiding your flaws and accentuating your best assets. You also have to keep in mind that the dress has to be little more comfortable because you are planning to have a good time in it, not worrying about the embarrassing moments, just dancing the night away. Most of the time girls choose to go with short dresses whether it’s a tight, sexy club style dress or a sweet and cute baby doll style. Of course you have no limitations when it comes to personal style, you can wear either a long gown, a hi-low dress, a mermaid style and still have the best time of your life as long as you feel the most beautiful girl in the crowd.

Style guide

You have just finished with your prom and all that excitement is still in your system, your everyday memories are only taken from the greatest time you had on your Prom party. You may feel like you’ve used up all of your energy, money and enthusiasm on shopping for a perfect Prom Dress, we suggest you to wait for a month or a couple of weeks. You will regain the strength and sprit of the shopping experience, wait till you miss it, the feeling when you are hunting for a dress and a feeling when you have one and you are getting ready for the event, which we are sure will not take much time. So now you are ready. MackTak.com knows the rush and pleasure of online shopping for girls and that is why we made sure to offer you different occasion dresses categorized either by the event or style. Our web site is very easy to navigate and we offer you helpful tips on how to choose a perfect dress for you. If you already know your size you can just go ahead and start searching, if not, we have provided very accurate size charts for each designer on the web site. You have a question? We have an answer. Always feel free to ask us any question from the beginning of your search to the end when you receive the dress to your doorstep. MackTak offers you top designer dresses in the business and we always make sure you get the best deal, whether it’s a price, fast shipping or accessories. We want you to be happy and content with your choice to shop with us. Designers  we carry are recognized worldwide. Whether it is a Jovani, Terani, Tony Bowls, Blush, Alyce designs, Allure Tarik Ediz, Mac Duggal or many others, you will feel like a child in a candy store by viewing their incredible gowns. To make your shopping process easier, you can either start choosing a dress by color, cut or length. If you are looking for a sexy number that will be both quite revealing and elegant at the same time you can choose something from Jovani Homecoming collection, styles like Jovani 7757 or Jovani 74167 will be a definite showstopper. In these dresses you will be showing just enough skin complemented with lots of sparkling crystals and shiny sequins. Or go with elegant yet super sexy Terani H1914 Dress, featuring black cowl bodice and short sheer overlay skirt completely covered in multicolored stones. For even more daring look go with Terani H1918 Dress, featuring sheer crystal embellished corset bodice and super mini skirt. For more fun and cute look go with styles like Blush 9680 Dress, featuring disco ball style crystal bodice and baby doll style layered skirt. Styles like Terani P1591 Dress, Jovani 89625 Dress, Tarik Ediz 90336 Dress, Tony Bowls TS11355 Dress, Shail K KL3200 Dress, Mac Duggal 7212R Dress will put you in spotlight and will make you the most popular girl in school throughout the rest of the year. For more modest and reserved look you can choose from the elegant styles like one shoulder crystal beaded loose fitting red Terani H1939 Dress and Tony Bowls TS21319 Dress, or dazzling Scala 47605 Dress. For long dress or hi-low styles go with something like, Terani H1948 Dress or Shail K SK3181L Dress.

Finishing touches for your glamorous and posh look

So you finally chose the dress and you are super excited to wear it. Even though most of the dresses are already full with different dazzling embellishments, never feel restricted when it comes to accessorizing your look. Experiment and feel free to choose to wear, chunky earrings or necklaces, colorful fun shoes and clutches, try some neon colors to brighten your look and give it an edge with stylish studs and chain jewelry. MackTak is very excited for your homecoming and wishes you lots of fun, memorable moments!

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