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Scarves are a great accessory because they are versatile and can be worn around the neck, as a shawl, and as a wrap. These pashminas are made of high quality wool, cashmere, and silk for an ultra-soft touch and glamorous look. With a variety of colors and patterns you could easily select a scarf for every day of the week. There are many different ways you can wear your scarf whether you are wearing it to the office, on the weekend, or to a fancy event. There are more ways to wear a scarf than just with a winter coat. You could easily style up a blazer or a jean jacket with a scarf or drape it nicely on your shoulders over an evening gown. The scarf is the perfect completion to your look and will take your style to the next level. There are several ways to wear a scarf besides from traditionally wrapping it around your neck or draping it on your shoulders. Below we offer simple instructions to help you get the most out of your MackTak scarf.


The pashmina scarf was first made in India from cashmere and wool. The wool comes from a Pashmina goat found in the Himalayas of Nepal, which has an extra thick coat because of the cold weather. The wool is hand-woven into the scarves that were coveted all around the world and now available to you at

How to Tie a Scarf

There are many ways to tie a scarf and knowing different ways will allow you to wear your scarf with different outfits.

Look 1: Twisted

To make a twisted scarf style, place the scarf around your neck so that the ends are on your back. Next, cross the scarf in the back and bring ends to the front. Wrap the ends of the scarf around the loop and tuck the ends in the back for a stylish yet casual look.

Look 2: Looped

To make a classic looped scarf, begin by folding your scarf evenly in half. Place the folded end of the scarf around your neck and allow the ends to hang on the other side in the front. Place the ends through the loop.

Look 3: Knotted

You will feel very warm and secure in this knotted scarf. Start this look by folding the scarf and half and pulling the ends through the loop such as in the looped scarf. The next step is to pull the ends up under the loop and then pulling them down through the loop.

Look 4: Draped

The draped scarf is perfect for formal evenings out and will give you a little bit over cover and warmth without taking away from your evening gown. Begin by placing the scarf around your neck with the ends in the back. Twist the scarf so that you like the texture and fluff in the front and then loop the back with a simple knot so that it hangs right at the low back.

Look 5: Wrapped

Start with the middle of the scarf behind your neck with the ends hanging evenly in the front. Cross both ends around your neck and then bring them back to the front. This traditional look will look grand with any outfit.

Look 6: Crisscross

This look looks fantastic with two scarves and you can mix tones or patterns for a great effect that will spice up any ensemble. However this look can also be done with a singular scarf for a fun crossed knot look. Begin by folding both scarves or scarf in half and placing the loop on one shoulder and allowing the ends to hang across the other. Then pull one end or both ends of one scarf under and through the loop. The second end or second scarf then is placed over and through the loop. Allow the ends to hang and either tighten or loosen the knot for comfort and style.

Look 7: Draped

This draped look can easily transition from a daytime outfit to an evening out. Start by folding your scarf in half. Then tie both ends in small knots so that you have created a ring shape. Put your head through the circle of the scarf and place the knots in the back. Cross the scarf in the back and pull the knots over your head so that the knots are now in the front. Pull one of the knots up above the loop and one knot below.

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