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  • Zorani New York 4136 Green Front

Short Sleeve Long Dress by Zorani New York 4136


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Look amazing in party wearing this Zorani New York 4136 dress. Same delicated ornate patterns crafted beside ‎the V ‎neck and hips. The dress is short sleeve with same jeweled applique round the wrist. The full length skirt ‎is ‎smooth and solid to keep the simple yet stylish form. ‎


Zorani New York 4136 rich gown features a deep V-neckline extended too far out of shouldres to the centre of ‎bustline ending with a delicate semi draped shape on empire waist. the intelligence behenid the design ‎dceliberatly drwas attention to the centre the upper portion to accentuate the the bust curves. ‎
The flattering quarter-length sleeves extend to the midway down to elongate the figure at the same time providing ‎a desirable coverage for ladies who love to make more mystery. additionally the coverage offers a year-round ‎designed evening gown. stylish sleeve design empasizes on feminine narrowness of wrists. ‎
The same intricate beaded appliques decorate round the wrist and neckline and wrapped bodice. the glittering ‎sight on waist continuing on hips to highlight the curves. ‎
The silhouette finishes with a floor-length skirt that is smooth and simple to keep the simple yet stylish design of ‎the gown which is drammatically ‎


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Manufacturer No
Designers Zorani New York
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Price $249.00
Color Filter Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Orange, Red
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