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Top Brands

  • Alyce Paris
  • Ange Etoiles
  • Mac Duggal
  • MackTak
  • O`Blanc
  • Rachel Allen
  • Rara Avis
  • Scala
  • Shail K
  • Tarik Ediz
  • Terani Couture
  • Zorani New York

About Us

Flourished by the comprehensive worldwide trust, "MackTak" is the greatest fashion-trending ‎center ‎of illustrious costume countering. It's been rooted in the heart of New York city, matured by ‎the ‎genius idea of Mack Tehrani, and yield success in the talented hand of celebrated designers. ‎Owning ‎the most professional collection of prom, homecoming, cocktail dresses and evening gowns, ‎MackTak ‎is honored to be the loyal representative of its business in online shopping for almost a ‎decade in wide ‎global scales.‎
‎ The largest retailer for prom and cocktail dresses, MackTak, is constructed by elegant outlines, ‎made ‎from high-quality fabric, tailored with extreme attention to detail and finished by the ‎most ‎experienced and capable sewers with glamorous techniques. It carries more than sixty well- ‎kwon ‎designers such as Terani Couture, Zorani New York , Alyce Paris, Rara Avis, Missaki Couture, ‎Aidan ‎Mattox, Scala, Clarisse,…, and also its own private label which is going to surprise you. The ‎dresses are ‎made for customer's body stance, and tailored specially for reflecting their splendid ‎beauty.‎
We believe every lady is beautiful in her own style, well, we put your need, your taste and your ‎desire ‎at first to produce a garment which says much about who you are. Our extraordinary designs ‎not only ‎will expose your perfect silhouette but also they multiply it in so many levels. The rich and ‎wide variety ‎of designs make it easy to choose. You would find your unique style in the minimum ‎time possible. For ‎sure MackTak is a choice you will be always prized for.‎
The online engine of MackTak is in touch twenty-four hours a day, available, easy to contact, ‎and ‎order. The moods of selections and categories containing sub-categories with detailed ‎descriptions for ‎every single dresses and designers only appear in The global shipping ‎features, ‎reasonable prices, flexibility and support are exclusively accomplished by our online activity. ‎Come to ‎us with whatever you have in mind, or even with no particular back ground, MackTak's vivid ‎graphic ‎illustrations and informative description about every designs would definitely took care of all ‎of your ‎demands.‎
These are not superficial words to say anymore for you proved if to us. Our name is guaranteed ‎and ‎confirmed by your sole trust and attention. We are proud of you! All of our efforts have ‎been ‎answered for you made our way to your heart at your memorable moments. You are precious ‎to us, ‎you deserve the best in the world; that is the thing which MackTak will not forget ever. ‎Wear ‎beautiful, feel beautiful.‎