Tarik Ediz

Tarik Ediz Company takes pride in the incredibly touching history that was the foundation of this enormous and extremely popular brand in the fashion world. Behind every designer, there is a story, and most of the time a pretty interesting one. As the story tells, Tarik Ediz owned a small boutique in Bursa city, Turkey. It did not take long before the store became one of the most popular, posh and elite boutiques in the City. As a next step Tarik Ediz opened up a small atelier in order to assist his customers in alterations and adjustments for the dresses they purchased in his boutique. The vital moment that will soon lead to the huge success of Tarik Ediz was when his daughter, Damla Ediz, asked her father to make a school graduation party dress for her. Tarik Ediz made his daughter’s gown in his atelier and in order to not crumple or damage the fine silk fabric, he hung the dress in his boutique. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, this exquisite flowy silk gown evocative of butterfly wings attracted the attention of customers and the first orders to make similar styles started to swarm in. The rest became history since this butterfly wing dress turned the little boutique into one of the largest and most successful brands in the country that is now recognized worldwide. The unique, luxurious and original evening dresses created by this “original man” are loved and adored by women of all styles, sizes or age. MackTak.com is proud to be one of the few exclusive retailers of Tarik Ediz in New York City and United States. We are very excited to offer our customers their exceptionally elegant, classically feminine, super sexy and red carpet ready dresses. We present Tarik Ediz Prom, Evening and Bridal Collection.

Tarik Ediz Dresses 2016

It is extremely hard to make a name for yourself in the Fashion Industry. There are already so many well-known designers, brands and fashion companies that create exquisite and over the top luxurious dresses. Women have so many choices that you have to be really different and creative to bring something new to the table in order to be recognized and to overshadow others. He has truly achieved this by creating one of a kind pieces. It would give you such pleasure to simply look through the dresses in the catalog of this designer, not to mention to own one of them or wear them to one of your special events. The main component that led to the huge success of Tarik Ediz Brand is his incredibly creative team of designers who know how to flatter a woman’s body. These extraordinary styles help women to hide their flaws and celebrate and embrace their best assets with the body hugging dresses that mark their curves. The designer presents many different styles in each collection such as ravishing floor length dresses with super high slits, one shoulder dresses that feature sheer tulle sleeves completely covered in delicate crystal beading details, flower appliques that offer endless elegance and sex appeal, or dazzling mermaid styles which is the best way to accentuate your curves. In order to add some drama, some styles are made of fabrics that are completely covered in sequins, and are completed with gorgeous crystal beaded belts that mark your waist.

Colors in Tarik Ediz

Besides all the above mentioned factors that make Tarik Ediz dresses unique and exceptionally elegant, the array of colors that the designer uses make the collection even more alluring and desirable. Nothing makes a dress more fascinating, provocative and sexy than a deep red color, which is dominant in the collection. Tarik Ediz takes the well known “red dress effect” to the whole other level. This effectiveness is also achieved by adding other dramatic features like cowl backs and open backs with a theatrical red bow on the back. Another dominant color is classic timeless black. Fashion would not be the same without black. Whether it is a halter-neck, a strapless style, or a cut out evening dress; black is sure to give them an even more dramatic and breathtaking effect. We cannot leave out the light angelic tones like white, stone and powder colors in the Tarik Ediz collection. After all there is a whole Tarik Ediz Bridal Collection, which is a huge topic to discuss itself. The designer enhances every modern woman’s femininity with these clean, soft and elegant colors. White dresses can give you that Grecian goddess look by adding gold embellishments to them. Whether you are looking to achieve a Grace Kelly look or a more daring and sexy look that some top celebrities in Hollywood go for, you are guaranteed to look effortlessly fashionable and appealing on your special event with dresses from this collection. Tarik Ediz is here to stay for many more years to come and we cannot wait to be indulged in the amazing upcoming creations soon to be offered to women all over the world. Tarik Ediz Spring 2014 Collection is going to be showcased on December 15th 2013. We will have all the collections at MackTak.com. When we interviewed the designer at the New York Fashion Week at the Coterie show he mentioned that they have used a lot of lace and tulle for their new collection. He also mentioned style numbers such as: 92139 and 92165 as his favorite styles.
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