Aidan Mattox

The collection is presenting to its valued customers is created by a ‎well-established and very popular designer, Aidan Mattox. This designer creates ‎luxurious and super elegant dresses for women of any age, size or shape. The ‎collection is inspired by Hollywood glamour. Their vintage meets fun dresses are ‎made distinctive by their style, elegance, grace, trendiness and super chic designs. ‎By adding new twists to the dresses, this designer has taken this collection to a ‎whole new level of fashion forward. Each dress from the Aidan Mattox collection ‎can be considered as a true piece of art. No matter where you wear them, be it to ‎your prom, birthday celebration, at a wedding where you are a guest, or ‎attending any other social event, these dresses will make a statement about your ‎fashion foresight, and about your style and taste. The highest quality of the fabric ‎will instantly attract your attention, whether it is lustrous silk, or breezy chiffon, ‎they are making the finest assortments with details like leather, sequins and lace. ‎It is no wonder they have been frequently featured in the top Fashion ‎publications of the country. MackTak is very excited and proud to be the official ‎retailer of Aidan Mattox collections. We welcome you to indulge yourselves in ‎these amazing creations. You will be delighted by the variety of beautiful colors ‎the designer offers in the collection. Whether it is pastel colors, classic black and ‎scarlet red or softer ivory, champagne and grey colors, they sure make dresses ‎look incredibly memorable for the audience. This effect is highlighted in some ‎styles by the addition of fresh and trendy twists like shimmering sequins or ‎glittering metallics. MackTak is confident that any number from this incredibly ‎elegant and hot collection will make you feel like royalty. Choose from a large ‎variety of silhouettes from fitted cocktail dresses to A-line ball gowns to slinky one ‎shoulder dresses. Aidan Mattox has a wide variety of styles. MackTak wishes you ‎happy shopping.‎

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