Mac Duggal

It is every woman’s dream and desire to look stunning at a certain event or a party, to be recognized and remembered not only for her character or professional skills but also for her taste, elegance and fashion sense. It is one of the best compliments for a woman to tell them that they look stunning and gorgeous, which gives them a huge confidence boost. When you choose your special occasion gown, no matter what your personal taste and look at fashion is, it is also extremely important to trust the designer of the dress. Today’s fashion market is full of different designers who’ve either established their names or are the newcomers in the industry. Some might think: Why should I try a new designer’s dress, if the brand is not popular why should I trust it? Well the answer to that would be that new designers bring new twists and details into fashion, plus every well-known high end designer was a new comer at some point. Mac Duggal is not really a new comer but this brand is definitely becoming more and more popular each day and is trusted and embraced by lots of women from around the world. It’s incredibly high speed success is not possible to avoid. This luxurious and extravagant brand was established by an Indian born designer Mac Duggal. He came to the United States at the age of 23. His success story is truly inspiring considering the heights he has achieved in the fashion world and recognition he is getting from the industry. All of it comes from Mac’s vision, his knowledge and understanding of women and their eyesight in fashion. He posseses an incredible talent to elevate their confidence and inner beauty which is perfectly combined with high quality tailoring, body conscious shapes, embellishments and innovative silhouettes.

Mac Duggal’s Dazzling Collections

Mac Duggal’s first collection was called: Creative Creations. It was a perfect reflection of the designer’s heritage. He used incredible, high quality, luxurious fabrics and embellishments. Since then, the brand expanded with featuring many different collections for many occasions. Mac Duggal Special Occasion dresses line includes Black Red and White Collection, Mac Duggal Couture Collection, Mac Duggal Twelve Collection and Mac Duggal Royalty Collection. Mac Duggal Pageant line includes Sugar (for little girls) and Pageant Gowns, Prom Dresses Line includes Mac Duggal Prom, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns, Mac Duggal Flash, Cassandra Stone and Mac Duggal Edge Collections; Mac Duggal Plus Size Line includes, Cassandra Stone II and Mac Duggal Fabulous Collections. Each and every collection is unique and has its own detail and characteristics. But the main connecting aspect for all of them is that these gowns without a doubt are statement makers. These exquisite creations with intricate beadwork and embellishments are the expression of a woman’s personal style and inner beauty; they are the definition of elegance and class.

Celebrities in Mac Duggal Couture

For a designer, you know when you have arrived and you know when you are becoming successful and everybody will talk about you and will want your piece once the worldwide famous celebrities will start wearing your dresses. Mac Duggal dresses have been seen on many different occasions like beauty pageants, award shows, galas and many other red carpet events, as well as on numerous TV appearances and fashion magazines. Top celebrities and worldwide recognized faces like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tina Turner and Paula Patton; JWOWW (Jenni Farley) from hit MTV show have been proudly shining in Mac Duggal creations. One of the biggest proofs of celebrity success for the designer was when TV personality and America’s favorite reality star Khloe Kardashian wore the Mac Duggal 3600T Dress on The X Factor. The dress was an instant hit and was sold out within hours. We are sure we will see even more and more celebrities in some of Mac Duggal’s one of a kind designs.

Sizzling Silhouettes, luxurious patterns and fabrics, radiant rhinestones and ravishing embellishments in Mac Duggal Dresses

Mac Duggal gowns are distinguishing themselves from many other designer gowns because of their high tailoring techniques, luxurious fabrics, delicate and exquisite cuts and incredible embroidery. Collections are full of different styles, all focusing on making the woman’s body more alluring and appealing. No matter what her fashion taste is, her size or her shape, any lady will be able to find something that will look perfect on her. Something that will make you wonder if the dress was custom created only for her. Whether it is a curve hugging mermaid style, sexy and charming cocktail dress or angelic flare empire waistline long gown, you are guaranteed to shine brighter the others. The designer once said: He does not sell trends, he sells confidence. Some of Mac Duggal pageant or couture gowns can be embellished with more than 20,000 hand sewn Swarovski crystals and constructed with the finest fabrics in the industry. If you want to look like real royalty then Mac Duggal gown would be the destination for you. MackTak is Mac Duggal’s proud official retailer in New York and wishes you happy shopping.