Saiid Kobeisy

One of the hottest brands on the red carpet with gorgeous evening gowns and ‎high-end details is Saiid Kobeisy, which is consistently stays on top. These ‎captivating gowns are exquisite with their classically feminine silhouettes, high ‎quality fabrics and tailoring, remarkable color palette, delicate beadwork and ‎embellishments. Dazzling floor-length gowns are feature thigh-high slits, open ‎backs, strapless crystal beaded bodices, sexy halter necklines. There are also ‎festive strapless cocktail dresses and fun and flirty babydoll styles push the ‎envelope when it comes to standing out. Saiid Kobeisy dresses look even more ‎fashion forward with added sassy twists to them, like leather corset bodices, ‎ruffled peplum accents, or glossy fabrics mixed with classic bottoms that will turn ‎you into a rock star. If you do not want to go for this edgy look and would prefer ‎to stay a little softer and sweeter, you can get dolled up in a perfect dress that ‎features a ballerina inspired tulle skirt and a corset bodice with sparkling ‎embroidery. The collection also showcases dazzling, super elegant shimmering ‎fitted gowns that accentuate your curves and elevate your grace and charm, or ‎smashing body hugging long dresses that feature jewel beaded necklines. You will ‎be delighted by the variety of beautiful colors that Saiid Kobeisy designers offer in ‎the collection. Whether it is pastel colors, classic black and scarlet red or softer ‎ivory, champagne and grey colors, they sure make dresses look incredibly ‎memorable for the audience. This effect is highlighted in some styles by the ‎addition of fresh and trendy twists like shimmering sequins or glittering metallics. ‎You’re sure to be in the standout gown of the night when you choose Saiid ‎Kobeisky. MackTak is very excited and proud to be the official retailer of Saiid ‎Kobeisy collections. MackTak wishes you happy shopping.‎

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