Scala has been designing trendy and chic dresses for 27 years that are perfect for ‎every occasion from a night out clubbing or to your dream prom or your ‎daughter’s wedding. Scala is always fashionable and on trend with bold use of ‎color and emphasis on a fantastic, unparallel fit. These dresses are beautifully ‎embellished with sequins and beads to give you extra sparkle. Scala dresses are ‎also eye catching with flattering silhouettes so that you always shine in a room. ‎Scala covers every woman’s desires and age from sparkly cocktail dresses to ‎modest and stylish mother of the bride dresses. You can easily style every dress ‎with sparkly, dangling earrings, statement rings, and pumps or platform sandals ‎but these dresses also stand out all on their own with intricate beading and rich ‎hues. As these nights are some of the most memorable, you want everyone to ‎remember you as best dressed. Scala dresses always attract attention with their ‎sumptuous details and endless glamour whether you are at a party or your sister’s ‎wedding you have an amazing experience with your Scala dress. Scala emphasizes ‎their designs to have an incredible fit so your dress also feels custom made for ‎your body. Scala wants you to connect with just an image of the dress of your ‎dreams on and then never want to be parted from it once you try it ‎on. Scala uses silhouettes like strapless sweethearts to looser blouson dresses to ‎one shoulder floor length gowns to flirty halters, there is always a fit for your ‎figure to highlight whatever assets you want to show off. With Scala, there is a ‎dress for everyone’s hair color, eyes, skin tone, and body shape. A Scala dress can ‎make any evening special whether it be prom, homecoming, or a wedding, you ‎will know you are in a spectacular fit-like-a-glove chic dress that will be the envy ‎of everyone . Scala dresses only feature high quality embellishment from sequins ‎to beads to crystals. These visual enhancements are only adhered to high quality ‎silk, chiffon, and lace so you know you are paying a worthwhile deal for a very ‎special dress. MackTak welcomes you to try yourself in a Scala dress and see if ‎you turn to another designer again for your evening needs.‎

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