If you have an extra special occasion you may want to go with a couture dress. These dresses come with a higher ‎price tag however they are of exceptional craftsmanship from style, cut, execution, fabric, and special details. ‎Couture Dresses are of the highest quality, which is noticeable in person, in pictures, and under bright stage lights.‎ A Couture Dress should be everything you dream of however it cannot completely transform your body. Many ‎additional design elements can help you achieve this. You can choose your dreamy couture dress from mermaid ‎dresses, ball gown dresses, column skirt dresses, Hi-Lo dresses etc. with intriguing necklines and folded details as ‎well as interesting patterns.‎ The finest fabrics are used which give these gowns a unique and luxe look. The best silks, satins, chiffons, velvets, ‎lace and tulle is used in the couture collections. Couture Dresses also come in a variety of rich colors including the ‎classics like black, white, ivory, and red as well as vibrant and vivid fuchsia, blue, turquoise, royal, green, and ‎glittering metallic.‎ Couture Embellishments range from just a few hints of sparkle to all over shimmering beads. The beading on ‎Couture Dresses is hand sewn so there is exceptional attention to each stitch. Many dresses are also covered in ‎elegant and luxe feathers in white or black, adding another layer of glamour.‎ At MackTak, we carry many collections such as Terani Couture, Mac Duggal Couture, Tony Bowls Couture, MNM ‎Couture, and Jovani Couture. These dresses from these special collections have been seen everywhere from ‎magazines to the Red Carpet, to movies to TV to pageants.‎