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Mac Duggal Black White Red

We are sure almost everyone will agree that Black, White and Red colors are the dominant colors in fashion. It should be safe to assume that every elegant and stylish woman owns a dress in at least one of these three colors. These colors are the most striking and have a magnificent effect on the crowd. MackTak proudly presents Mac Duggal’s over the top fabulous and classy collection: Black White Red These three colors have always been the most popular among women from all over the world and have been worn on numerous award shows, red carpet events, movie premiers, official Gala’s and many other upscale events. With this collection Mac Duggal gives women the opportunity to create timeless looks that would stay in everyone’s mind.

Let’s start from the Classic Black

When it comes to black dresses, there are no questions asked. Black has always been a go-to for a classic evening dress. You can wear black dress in so many different ways. You can wear simple black gown with little or no accessories for a minimalist look or a black dress with all kinds of features. You can also match it with every single color there is, black goes with everything. Mac Duggal presents a mesmerizing collection of black dresses, from short cocktail dresses to long evening gowns. Even though you can match black with any color, this collection does not go far from the solid black color. Some styles are mixed with gold or silver colors to make the look even more glamorous and luxurious; others have white or ivory details. The designer experiments a lot with crystal and sequin embellishments, whether it's a belt completely embroidered in stones or shoulder appliqué, these sure take the look to a whole new level.

Get a Goddess look in White Dresses

If you feel that you’ve worn too many black dresses for your past events but still want to go with a classic color, the Mac Dugaal white dress is the look for you. It will give you a less dramatic effect, allowing you to present yourself in a softer image. Who said that you can only rock a white dress on your wedding day or a white party? You can feel like a Grecian Goddess in a perfectly fitted white gown created by Mac Duggal on any other formal occasions. White gives you more femininity and the feeling of softness which makes women look and feel fresh, young and sexy at the same time. Even though white is a more angelic look, you can still make it sultry by wearing a sexy cut out style or give a dazzling effect with shiny and sparkling embellishments. Choose the right make up for your dress and compliment the look with hot shoes and you are ready to go.

Red Dress Effect

It is a well-known fact and sometimes it's even called a phenomenon that when a woman wears a red dress she is considered to be more powerful, sexually appealing and unforgettable. It almost seems like the Red Color gives them more confidence which helps them represent themselves as graceful, exquisite and dramatic. Mac Duggal presents a lavish selection of red dresses, whether it is a cute and flirty short cocktail dress or an elegant and alluring evening gown. To give a red dress an even more breathtaking effect, the designer used amazingly impressive and eye catching details as perfect finishing touches. They can be featured either in the details of the dress, like a cut out piece or a long side slit that allows you to show off your toned legs, or in the silhouette, like the mermaid style that compliments your curves. The glamour can also be enhanced with added stones and crystal embellishments on the bodice or the sheer tulle skirts that allows you to show just enough of your legs.

Leave the audience breathless

No matter which of these three colors you are deciding to wear one thing is crystal clear when it comes to Mac Duggal Black White Red Collection dresses, and it is a guarantee that you definitely will be a showstopper at the event you will be going to and all eyes will be on you as soon as you walk in the room. The designer marks his name on this collection by using a lot of classic lace fabric, which screams Hollywood glamour and royal elegance. You can never go wrong with a sheer lace dress especially in any of these three colors. It will without a doubt increase your charm and beauty. Overall whether it is exquisite lace or a luxurious silk indulge yourself in a magnificent creation by Mac Duggal Couture. Read more

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