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Mac Duggal Homecoming

Let Mac Duggal Homecoming bring that extra sparkle to your special night. Homecoming is a great event to show off your personal style in a more formal way. While homecoming is not as formal as prom, it is a night where you want to look your best and take advantage of the opportunity to wear a cocktail or evening dress. Mac Duggal Homecoming is full of fun, fresh cocktail dresses that have eye catching embellishments and trendy details that will make all your friends jealous. Mac Duggal specializes in innovative designs and intricate details, you can also check out Mac Duggal’s other collections: Mac Duggal Red White Black, Mac Duggal Edge, Mac Duggal Twelve, Mac Duggal Prom, Mac Duggal Couture, and Mac Duggal Royalty.

Mac Duggal Homecoming Silhouettes

You want to have an amazing time at your homecoming with your friends so pick a dress that you feel confidant brings out the best version of you. You want a silhouette that highlights your best features while masking your flaws. You also want your dress to be comfortable, you don’t want to have to worry about the hem, how tight the dress is, or if the top will fall down. Mac Duggal dresses are very well fitted and tailored but you should consider what styles you feel the best in. Many of these cocktail dresses have the always flattering sweetheart top. This neckline is available in both strapless options as well as dresses with straps. Or choose an asymmetrical neckline with a one shoulder strap. The skirt of your homecoming dress is just as important as the top. Think about if you want a body conscious look or a looser skirt. The baby doll skirts are fun and flirty and come with a variety of fabrics like floaty chiffon and voluminous tulle. You could also go with a tired skirt or a ruffled skirt. If you want to go with a floor length dress, Mac Duggal Homecoming also has dresses for you. Choose a dress that just hits the floor or one with a glamorous train. If you want to show off your legs but also want a longer style, go for an evening dress with a side slit. If you want to go with a more current style choose a high low dress. There are many high low styles in this collection in a rainbow of colors. Some of the high low dresses have detachable skirts so you can change your look up in the blink of an eye.

Mac Duggal Homecoming Colors

Since homecoming is less serious than prom why not choose a fun color that complements you. Choose a vivid, bright dress in cherry, teal, peacock, watermelon, and fuchsia. Or go for a darker jewel tone for fall like royal, deep purple, and emerald. You can show off embellishments with nude and illusion fabric. Mac Duggal Homecoming is always on trend and features neon colors like neon pink and neon orange. You could also choose a more traditional color like red, black or white. There are many little black dresses to choose from, all with different cuts and sparkling additions.

Special Details in Mac Duggal Homecoming

Special details set you apart from the rest. Choosing a dress from Mac Duggal Homecoming means that you are choosing a dress of excellent quality from the fabric to the cut to the embellishments. Many dresses have intricately detailed bodice and straps to draw the eyes to your tiny waist and toned shoulders. Create an exciting look with a homecoming dress with multi colored gems or with jagged mirror beads. Some dresses are fully sequined while others have a more subtle lace applique with a few glittering beads. Think about what you want to highlight, show off your upper body with sheer illusion bodices with lace or crystals. Accentuate your hourglass figure with a decorated belt of beads and crystals. You can also keep them staring with a sash extending from the back. There are many ways to separate you from the rest at homecoming. MackTak and Mac Duggal Homecoming have something special for you to wear, check out these dresses.

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