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Mac Duggal Royalty

When you are dressing for an event and you want to appear regal, look no further than the Mac Duggal Royalty collection. These dresses are opulent and exquisitely detailed. You will look like a queen in these full length evening dresses that have a variety of necklines and special accents. Mac Duggal specializes in unique gowns that are meant for special occasions that mark life events. While the designs are exclusive, they also have timeless appeal and elegance. These dresses will steal the show at pageants, prom and homecoming. Other Mac Duggal collections include Mac Duggal Black White Red, Mac Duggal Couture, Mac Duggal Twelve, Mac Duggal Prom, Mac Duggal Flash, Mac Duggal Edge, and Mac Duggal Homecoming. Mac Duggal designs eveningwear that ranges from fun and coy dresses in fun colors as well as elegant and dazzling dresses with beautiful embellishments and luxurious fabrics and silhouettes.

Fabrics and Fit in Mac Duggal Royalty

The fabric of your special occasion evening gown is very important. You want to look and feel stunning on your important night. Light and airy chiffon is used in all these gorgeous gowns because it is both easy to fit to curves as well as comfortable and easy to move and dance in. You want to be able to enjoy your evening, not worry or feel like your movement is restrained by your dress. If you are a pageant contest, you want to be able to walk with confidence, not fret that you may fall or walk awkwardly. These dresses allow you to look and feel graceful and poised. When thinking about your evening think about what you may be doing and what style of neckline you feel best suits you and your plans. While these dresses are well fitted, do not choose strapless if you are going to fret about it all night. Choose what you feel most yourself in and what flatters you the best. The strapless sweetheart necklines are very flattering and so are the sweetheart necklines with embellished straps. Or you chose a dramatic one shoulder dress with a strap that cuts across the neckline and bodice. An off the shoulder neckline highlights your collar bone while an open back shows off your back. If you want to accentuate your toned legs, go with a dress that has a side slit.

Colors in Mac Duggal Royalty

The color of your dress for your glamorous night can make or break it. Choose a soft shade to compliment your skin tone, hair and eyes like ice pink, ice blue, lilac, key lime and peach. You could also choose classic black or white and focus on embellishments and your dress’ silhouette. Or attract attention in a show stopping vivid color like magenta, peacock, hot pink, coral and ocean blue. With classic fits, a bright color still looks elegant and sophisticated.

Embellishments in Mac Duggal Royalty

While embellishments and glittering accents are important, you never want your dress to outshine you. Pick a dress that enhances your look, your body type, and your features, that way you will always shine your brightest with a gown that complements you. Mac Duggal Royalty dresses are only embellished with the finest quality beads, crystals, and sequins. Embellished straps and neckline highlight your bust and shoulders in a soft way or if you want a bolder look choose a dress with a deeply rich crystal corset with exposed boning. Many dresses have embroidered and fully embellished bodices. Choose a dress with a bodice covered in sequins that drip down the skirt or go for a subtler dress that just has an intricate hip accent. Whatever dress you choose from Mac Duggal Royalty, you are sure to look noble and chic. is proud to present these dresses to you.

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